White Collar Season 3

Neal Caffrey and Agent Burke are at it again, the show picks up from last season and does not disappoint at all. If you haven’t seen this show then you are missing one of the great ones. This time around Agent Burke suspects Neal of stealing the Nazi Art stash, he doesn’t believe it to be destroyed. Each episode is thrilling with bits of Neal and Burke dancing around each other, and Neal in personal dilema, he doesn’t know what he wants, his current life or the one last great steal. The last episode sums up with an epic ending leaving you wanting season 4 to start right away, what a great season.

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  1. I totally agree with you.
    I had checked imdb and they had more episodes listed in the current season (3) but I believe that these episodes are now going to be part of season 4.
    Either ways, one of the best shows and I am eagerly waiting for the next season/episode.

  2. Dude it’s the hiatus before the continuation of Season 3 which will probably come back anytime from November – January :D And yes I agree can’t wait and this season has been awesome the dynamic between the characters and the comedy has increased greatly this season!

    I absolutely loved the episode with the How to flush out a thief :P

  3. I love this show its one of the best I’ve seen but I dont understand why a lot of the shows have stopped like Human Target and NCIS LA :( All I have to look forward to now are a few shows like this one, suits, rookie blue oh and thundercats of course.

  4. @Prateek – Yup I think they moved them to season 4!

    @Jacqui – The show keeps getting better and better!

    @Chuknum – It seems they don’t have as much a following as they used to but White Collar is doing very well! I hope it keeps going!

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