ISP Customer Bill of Rights


There has been a lot going on with ISPs the last 6 months and I was thinking what could the bill of rights of customers be, we are tired of fighting but we will fight for what is our right. Then there is the MoC which is truly a disaster with very little improvements to look forward to in the near future. But below is a simple customer bill of rights which I think is common sense.

  • Appointments should be kept (Engineers should be on time)
  • Installation windows should be no longer than two hours (Come on you’ve done a million times now)
  • Get it right the first time (If there is a problem it isn’t our responsibility to figure it out)
  • Deliver the speed we pay for (Thats just simple! If our lines can’t support the speed we paid for then refund us the difference to the speed that it can support)
  • Our bills should be accurate (This one is clear)
  • Don’t cap our bandwidth (Period)
  • Equip your call centers to do everything (They should be useful on the phone not useless)
  • Honor all your offers (Don’t sell us one thing and give us another)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. well said! we’re not asking much, we just wants our rights to be fulfilled.

  2. il pazzo

    bro it’s like talking to a wall, it has always been the same thing but nothing changes, one can only hope for something

  3. @Kal – Exactly!

    @il pazzo – I have a jackhammer and I’m breaking that wall!

    @eshda3wa – Inshalla!

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