Best Shows Of The Summer


The summer season has come to end, and a lot of good shows have aired and some of them were great and I watched them as they aired, couldn’t get enough of the shows. These shows are the the ones that topped the list for this summer.

  • Suits – Great Lawyer Show
  • Franklin & Bash – Funny Lawyer Show
  • Rookie Blue – Great Cop Show
  • Falling Skies – Surviving Invading Aliens
  • Alphas – Extraordinary Humans


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  1. instantcravings

    SUITS is good.. great chemistry between those two and an equally good script in each episode.. thus far.

  2. @instantcravings – I think it is continuing on that track! They ordered more episodes for next season!

  3. Franklin & Bash – I absolutely loveeeee their dynamic it’s got the light comedy aspect along with their cases but it works so well and I crack up at their lawyering antics :P

    Suits – It’s beyond amazing I am absolutely absolutely in love with Donna, Lewis, Harvey, and Mike. Oh and let’s not forget Jessica I just love the acting that doesn’t require words :P I just crack up! :P

    Rookie Blue – That’s a show that is more like “The little engine that could!” I didn’t expect it to turn out this way but with the season finale just having aired I can’t wait for next season! I am fully invested in that show and wish for it to continue! It’s so awesome for a Canadian show :P

    Falling Skies – Haven’t watched it completely but looks great.

    Alphas – See above comment ;P

    All in all, this summer season we saw awesome shows debuting you should check out Necessary Roughness you would like it :D

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