Star Trek in 45 Years!

Today is the 45th anniversary of the greatest space opera TV show of all time, and is celebrating with a cool infographic showing key moments in the first 45 years of Starfleet — as well as space travel in general.

Having all the information on Star Trek all on one chart, I love everything about Star Trek I can’t wait for the Star Trek 2 the movie, and I hope they come up with a new TV Series. Star Trek Enterprise was the last TV Show and I loved it, a great story with fantastic graphics. I love these infographics!

Link: iO9

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  1. I liked Star Trek but I’m more George Lucas’s StarWars fan :)

  2. Reham

    I also LOVED the last star trek movie! Netflix has recently added star trek the next generation cant wait to re-watch all of it!

  3. Kliffy77

    Star Trek rocks! Live long and prosper!

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