Review: Shawarmaty in Jabriya

Finding a really good Shawarma place is surprisingly difficult, when you find a place they don’t always get it right and sometimes they only have one sandwich which is good and the other isn’t. With Shawarmaty they have both beef and chicken shawarma which are AMAZING, didn’t take long to find the place since I got both directions and an address, the only problem is that its in Jabriya and there is a lot of traffic.

I ordered three chicken and three beef shawarmas in a saj warpping, they offer the sandwich in saj and bread wrapping, I prefer the saj since its lighter and crispier. The sandwiches were done in about 20 minutes and they are pretty big, about 30 cm long so I cut them in half to get them down to a more manageable size.

As soon as I got home I unpacked the sandwiches and proceeded to, I thought I would have about three or four total of the 12 pieces that were there. By the time I was done I almost had 10 pieces of shawarma, and they were so damn tasty. So many sandwiches and an amazing sauce. The saj was perfect with them, and they honestly felt light, I just kept on eating, even thinking about it right now I’m craving them. It was the best feeling to sit on the couch full and remaining stationary watching TV shows for an hour after I was done. The best way is to call ahead and order so when you get there your order is ready.

Phone: 25331512

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  1. Doh!Doh!Doh!Woohoo

    Looks good.
    Can you please point out the location on a map or driving directions from Salmiya?

  2. Cool i will give it a try since im carving for shawerma :P i usually get my shawerma from Hawalli a place called (آنس الشام) its infront of Al-Adsani Complex on Al-Othman Street. Give it a try :)

  3. I tried it long time ago wasnt that good, but might give it another shot !
    Did you try mr subs shawerma? its my favourite

  4. Is it better than that place in Salwa you used to go to?

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