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This summer has been a huge list of Blockbuster movies and I’m still waiting on a few more to come out. By the end of September Transformers will be coming out and I really want to watch that movie again. The past few weekends I have been catching up with a lot of movies and watching some of them again. Fast Five I have seen twice and don’t mind watching it again, its one of the good ones, and I have a lot more from the list that I haven’t watched which I am looking forward to.


  • Attack The Block
  • Blitz
  • Bridesmaids
  • Everything Must Go
  • Fast Five
  • Hop
  • Pirates Of The Caribbean – On Stranger Tides
  • Set Up
  • The Beaver
  • The Mechanic
  • The Perfect Host
  • Thor
  • X-Men First Class


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  1. You should watch “The Change Up” you would like it :D

  2. My favorite post ;)
    For the first time i already have/watched couple of ur list

  3. i loved fast five! i dont mind watching all of the fast and furious movies!

  4. @Jacqui – Waiting for it to come out in HD!

    @vampire – Hehehe!

    @q80saracen – Its extremely good! But it isn’t out yet in HD so I haven’t added it yet!

    @noon – Thats what I did! I watched it again!

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