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The one thing that we all live by is online purchases in my case I buy movies, electronics, hardware , books, and pretty much anything else that comes to mind. The only issue I have is when it gets stuck in customs, there were times that it would get stuck for weeks with Aramex and a few times they would lose my product which drove me nuts.

In this case I switched to MyUS and I was very happy with them, quick to reply always taking care of my shipments. I could combine items and ship certain items, and you get choices to ship through FedEx, DHL, or a combination.

After shipping so many different kinds of items through multiple ways I figured out that the best way is to ship through DHL in somewhat of medium to small size package. Sometimes I combined a lot of packages into one big package and that would get stuck for at least 10 days, and with Aramex the smallest packages take at least four days. Now with DHL & FedEx if I ship it in a more compact size even if its combined it flies under their radar and I get it out of customs the second day.

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  1. Fz

    I think dhl and fedex have a better relationship with costumes than does aramex. Therefore quicker service.

  2. How do you combine your stuff? do the forwarders give you this option? if they arrive as different boxes, generally the forwarders tend to screw you over by treating them as different packages. so even if it was something extremely small (and light), they’ll charge you separately and won’t club the items.

  3. Marzouq thanks to u I’ve been a happy MyUs costumer for a year now! :)

  4. Marzouq thanks to u I’ve been a happy MyUs customer for a year now! :)

  5. Mansour


    same here, i recently purchased light stuff from Amazon, total weight is 2.11 lbs. Instead of paying 5.80kd as 1 pack, I paid 12.450kd as 3 packs!!!

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