The Fall TV Line Up

  • 2 Broke Girls – Pretty Funny show about two girls from very different worlds who end up working in the same diner
  • Person of Interest – Must Watch, An action/spy show with a man who has the skills of a secret agent yet doing things to protect the good, I really liked it
  • Two & A Half Men – I’m liking Ashton Kutcher as the replacement
  • The Big Bang Theory Season 5 – Just keeps getting better
  • The Mentalist Season 4 – Damn good first episode
  • The Office Season 8 – Loved it! I loved the new manager, missing Michael Scott but still its pretty good
  • The Secret Circle – Honestly the Characters are annoying me
  • Unpredictable – Didn’t really catch me right away, I like the idea but I’m not really sold on the show
  • Up All Night – This show is hilarious with Christina Applegate as a new mom and tv show producer, and her husband is even funnier
  • Whitney – Light Comedy, I’m liking it


Pending New Shows To Watch:

  • Pan Am
  • Charlies Angels
  • Tera Nova
  • The Playboy Club


Looking Forward To:

  • Blue Bloods
  • Blue Mountain State
  • Community
  • Family Guy
  • Fringe
  • Hawaii Five-0
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Modern Family

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  1. K.theKuwaiti


  2. jes

    its unforgettable …not unpredictable.
    yea the shows bit lame

  3. I pretty much watched mostly everything you have up there and can tell you the following:
    2 Broke Girls- Looks nice not sure if it will last
    Person of Interest – Saw the pilot and it was boring! I am guessing cancellation yard soon
    Two & A Half Men – Kutcher rocks on it!
    The Big Bang Theory – INSANELY AWESOME! I’m rooting for Sheldon and Penny to hook up :P
    The Secret Circle – Slow in the beginning but I think if it’s going to be anything like its older sibling “The Vampire Diaries” it will only get better quickly!
    Unforgettable (not Unpredicateble) – Was exactly the opposite of the title as it was Forgettable and I think it’s only a matter of time.
    Up All Night – Applegate & Arnett = PRICELESS I love them both and to see them as parents kind of reminds me a little bit of Modern Family meets Raising Hope in a way hehe.
    Whitney – reminds me of Outsourced and is not really keeping me on.

    Pan Am – Promising yet it didn’t establish itself much in the pilot but I can see it maybe lasting. The thing that is awesome is the stewardesses!
    Charlie’s Angels – Boring!
    The Playboy Club – Feels like it could be a dud but there might still be hope, I just hope it doesn’t get the fate of “Undercovers”

    If you haven’t checked out “The Vampire Diaries” you just have to! And I will kill you if you are Team Stefan :P

  4. Marzouq , thought you might need to know that “Jack Bauer” Kiefer Sutherland will return to the Fox network in the spring with a new series called Touch. ;-)

  5. I’m currently trying to finish all my backlog so that I can keep up with the fall season. Halfway thru Fringe Season3 and Breaking Bad. :D

    ‘Up all night’ sounds interesting, thanks for the updated list.

  6. Bader

    i watched the first episode of homeland. Awesome!

  7. Pan-am – Looks promising

    Terra Nova – Predictable story. I can’t take it seriously with all the stupid effects. If you want to tell a big story filled with special effects, you either invest in it with the right money or don’t do it at all!
    I see it getting canceled soon :P

    Revenge – Saw the pilot and it was pretty good! Check it out.

    Up all night – I chuckled a few times but that was it .. I see cancellation on the way :P

    Still on my list:

    – Person of interest
    – Homeland
    – Playboy club
    – 2 broke girls

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