Waleed Bin Talal & His Entourage

Saudi princes do travel with very large entourages and I always think that Waleed Bin Talal is a bit on the more sensible side. It seems being at the top of the business ladder in the middle east he needs quite of people to keep his affairs in order.

The rich have their way of living and in order to look so prim and proper at all times, anywhere they are found, requires utmost maintenance. Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Alsaud is no exception and has announced, as means of proof against some harsh accusations, his 26-member entourage. And they are – a private physician, assistant manager of his palaces, private assistant, executive assistant, personal affairs manager, two personal affairs assistants, manager of protocol department, manager travel and external affairs, assistant manager telecommunications, private affairs for the Princess, her beautician, athletic trainer, two private security details, assistant head of the Audio Visual Department, the Prince’s personal hairdresser and two guys listed as “companions”.

Link: LuxuryLaunches

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  1. Mahmoud

    I wonder if anyone is going to be sad for this guy’s death. He has the money of the world but the love of none like most of the Arab tycoons

    RIP Steve Jobs

  2. I don’t know about that…he’s donated tons of money towards Arab causes over the years and last I checked, he is a member of the Saudi Royal Family. Even broke royalty in the West travel with entourages and for a man who owns as many businesses as he does (Newscorp, Citibank etc) I think he’d need specialized assistants.

    I think if we had more Waleed’s in the Arab world, entering the Western markets through their major companies, Arabs would have more influence in the West. The problem with our billionaires is they worry about getting their hands dirty with the Global politics and prefer to have strictly financial relationships.

    Besides, look at that hair. You’d never get that volume without your personal hairdresser ;-)

  3. instantcravings

    LOL.. nice one about the hair !

  4. True True, to have this lady beside you. you would need all these assistants.

  5. @Mahmoud – He has done a lot of good but here it goes unknown, he has built a free hospital in Bahrian and a lot of other things that he doesn’t want publicized.

    @q80saracen – Loool! Very well said!

    @instantcravings – Lol

    @QABAQ – Very true! And she is one highly educated woman!

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