Shows Update – TV Fall Season

Must Watch:

  • Person Of Interest – A Fantastic show about a man who has access to information and man who can act on it
  • Homeland – Showtime have really put together a great CIA show, a lot to figure out
  • Pan Am – Great portrayal of life in the 60s with something below the surface
  • Terra Nova – 85 Million years in the past with Dinosaurs and weapons, very cool

Still Going:

  • 2 Broke Girls – A rich and poor girl stuck in the same situation
  • American Horror Story – A very trippy show, threw me off
  • New Girl – One girl three guys, very funny
  • Prime Suspects – Female detective and its pretty good
  • Revenge – The Hamptons and a very smart girl looking for Revenge
  • Suburgatory – Moved from Manhattan to a crazy town, and they do feel out of place
  • Up All Night – Funny couple with a baby
  • Unforgettable – A woman who can remember everything, helps her piece together crime scenes except her own
  • Whitney – A crazy woman, its funny


  • Free Agents – Marketing people in a comedy, it looked interesting
  • The Playboy Club – Too bad, I liked the idea of gangs and the playboy club in the 60s

Should Be Cancelled:

  • Charlies Angels – Damn this show is horrible
  • How To Be A Gentlemen – Bland
  • Ringer – I hate Sarah Michelle Gellar
  • The Secret Circle – Just keeps getting more annoying!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. no Fringe ??

    I actually just watched the first episode of Person of Interest. I loved it. Still can’t wait for Alcatraz ..

  2. wtf? Free Agents and the Playboy Club are two shows I’m enjoying this season!

  3. @His – I’m just talking about the new shows! Not the ones that are in their later seasons! Or this post would have been insanely long! lol

    @Mark – I know! It pissed me off too! I like both of them!

  4. I would really like to see a breakdown of your daily schedule. That would be an interesting post

  5. Dude How to be a Gentleman got the ax last night or the night before so now there are 3 shows canceled and a reality show called H8R is off the Fall schedules

  6. @id – Thats why you have Twitter! Follow it and you shall know! Lol! Plus I don’t sleep!

    @Jacqui – Thought so! I have almost never deleted a show that I downloaded, but H8R I deleted, it was horrible! It was a waste of time that you can never recover!

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  8. I’m really enjoying “Suits”; although it’s quite predictable.

    Anyone know if that’s been canceled?

  9. Sami

    how don’t you have Breaking Bad on the list???

    best show on TV.

  10. @elwehbi – Its the summer show and got renewed for at least 12 or 16 episodes for next summer!

    @Sami – Its not part of the new list but I need to watch it for sure!

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