New Shipping Rules From Customs

A lot of us order lots of items from outside of Kuwait, and now with the arrival of the iPhone 4S people will be making a ton of orders to satisfy their Apple addiction, I for one am addicted to Amazon. Now things have gotten a lot worse then before with customs and I’m not sure if this will get any better.

Ministry of Information shutdown their desk at the Customs Airport Counter. So what does that mean, it means every package has to be taken from the Airport to the Ministry and checked out so the process was long before but now its even more ridiculous.


  • 3-5 Days International Delivery
  • 3-5 Days Kuwait Customs Clear

Total 10 Days


  • 3-5 Days International Delivery
  • 3-5 Days Kuwait Customs
  • 4-7 Days Ministry Of Interior
  • 4-7 Days in Custom for the Delivery Company to Pick it UP

Total 24 Days

The Ministry of Information is going through to check what is or isn’t banned but they are going through everything and they don’t have a clue what anything is. I had a very difficult time explaining to them what Gears Of War 3 was, I don’t think they have seen a PS3 or XBox before.

Quick Update
Airport and Port Customs are on strike, good luck getting any of your packages any time soon.

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  1. its getting worse and worse. and they want Kadar! Kadar my #$%

  2. No Way!!! It can’t be true –

    in this case my last order will be the iphone 4s and i dont think i will use my ARAMEX account again

  3. Thank god that I rely on iTunes for my movies & music, I guess I’ll start using PlayStation + for my games then!? :-(

  4. esz

    Let’s see what they will get after this strike. Might get nothing))

  5. *sigh* #ThirdWorldProblems

  6. Thank God for the Kindle/iBooks apps and our e-Readers or else purchasing books will be insane! Hell even our movies! I now depend on my family whenever they are in the US I order stuff and have them bring it back!

  7. @vampire – 7ada!

    @QABAQ – Exactly!

    @Mr.F – You will get it in 2012 at this rate!

    @G-Funk – What about the nonsoftware items! What about them! My books, my equipment!

    @esz – I hope they get nothing!

    @Kal – They need a kick in the ass!

    @Jacqui – Honestly I have to have my books! And a lot of the stuff I order doesn’t come through downloads!

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