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There has been a lot of talk over the past year over the pay in Government sector being low but in reality these people don’t work much or go to work between 2-4 hours or don’t go at all without any consequences. Its a disaster the way things are going recently, and they complained about incentives that Kuwaiti’s recieve in the private sector but it was an incentive so more Kuwaitis work in the private sector but now that has all gone down the drain with the ridiculous salary increases in the public sector as well as the salary incentives that they receive. Some of them might be valid but a huge majority isn’t and we are only setting ourselves up for failure in Kuwait at this rate.

This below is statement from a friend of mine and he says it very well.

Think about it this way.

How many hour private sector work vs government

The responsibilities/consequences of private sector vs government.

We work longer hours, and have more at stake if we fuck up then they do.

Also as a Kuwaiti employer you are responsible to pay all your electric bills monthly or they will close your file at the government. You have a mandoob whose only job is to make sure to visit all the ministries to make sure nothing blocks your file.

Public sector doesn’t have to pay their bills since they have no need for labor services or other government entity.

We as Kuwaiti business owners bust our asses to get shit done in this country just to have someone in Baladia or Commerce to fuck us over cause we actually followed the rules.

We are Greece in the making people. If we dont start controlling the public sector they are going to run us to the ground.

Now the starting Salary for a Fresh Graduate in any of the Public Sector Oil Companies is 1800 KWD and for the Audit Bureau is 1500 KWD. That doesn’t include that some people will or have already recieved ridiculous salary increases for doing nothing, some people’s salaries will have increased by 6000 KWD monthly which is insane. I honestly think that some people should be paid more for the work they are doing but a huge majority of people working the public sector don’t even work so why should they receive more money for doing nothing. Then you have the strikes for people who only work a few hours a day and want more, its really sad seeing the state that Kuwait has reached, someone needs to make the tough decision and pull the plug like Regean and Thatcher did to bring the public sector inline. We have departments in goverment where 10 people do 1 person’s job yet nothing gets done in that department.

I have friends who have been working the banking sector for over 9 years and their salary isn’t 1500 KWD, they said they are better off quitting and working in the oil sector at this point. If the private sector is to survive they have to really move forward with projects that involve the private sector not put all major projects all hold like it has been for a long time now.

I have lived in other countries before for college and work, but I really wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but Kuwait. I for one remember not having Kuwait during the Gulf War and it was a horrible feeling and at the rate we are going Kuwait won’t be around in 20 years or it will be a disaster of country in 10 years.

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  1. So right .. I agree in every single word .. I’m working in private sector for 10 hours from 8 to 6 and guess what my friend at a public sector and working one month and 3 no .. O her salary the same as me .. Seriously I’m thinking of quiting and go to the same place she is so I can start my own biznes

  2. @Rainy – Thats the thing! How do they want anyone to be motivated when they are getting paid so much to do so little and not even go to work! The government can’t handle more people working in it and I can’t blame people who want to leave the private sector to go to the public sector with those numbers! Its a recipe for disaster! The way our public system works we are worse then Cuba!

  3. Agree about the public sector.but i disagree about the oil sector. I mean they deserve the increase. remember that they do work 8 hours a day and drive 1 hour everyday to work.

  4. Nasser AbuTaleb

    I Agree with QABAQ, i work for the oil sector, i have to be at work at 7am and out by 3pm, remember this is the first increase in a very very long time so we deserve it, some of us do travel well over an hour just to get there by 7 so 7aram, maybe the ministry yes i do agree they dont work 8 hours a day and they get something close to our salary, now that is unfair.

  5. Salbader

    There are a lot of things that I would like to say but would like to keep them until the time is right…

    Let me just give you guys a glimpse,
    I’ve been asking many people in Kuwait from Head of University departments to government advisers to typical citizens about the state in Kuwait is in. I was amazed that not “one” disagreed that the country was headed to an inconvenient ending.

    Quotes from some:
    University Professor (Head of department):
    Me: “Kuwait will have a chance once our generation holds positions in authority”
    Prof: “At this rate Kuwait will be lost in the hands of the people who are now in charge”

    Government adviser:
    when asked “Whats your view on whats going on?”
    Adviser: “I’m sure we all know the country is in a bad state and things are only going to get worse before they get better… but as a Kuwaiti i have to be optimistic”
    Me: “Optimism occurs when the reasons are present, what signs indicate i should be optimistic?”
    Adviser: “I don’t really have an answer to that right now”

    I believe that what is going on is a result of our country failing to give its people a clear set of goals to accomplish for their country.

    The notion that Kuwait will be the next Greece is an understatement… its sheer presence (كنظام دولة) is in question and the actions needed to sustain it are “drastic” in every means, which calls for a specific tier of men to get the job done… any ideas?

  6. @QABAQ – Like I said some raises are justified! But I mean the base salary shouldn’t increase three fold! Come on, there should be an appeal that it will increase a lot! I’m not saying they don’t work but the numbers are ridiculous!

    @Nasser AbuTaleb – I agree! Some raises are very much deserved but across a whole sector! Some people but not everyone! I also travel an hour to work every day because the crazy traffic! If there is a 20% for people currently working or those working for specific years then good, but not a raise which doesn’t make any fiscal sense or real rewards for it! For the engineers working in the Oil Sector I think they do deserve a raise, its more incentive for people to go into the areas which requires hands on work rather then hiring foreigners, that is a good idea and people who have progressed! But not a fresh graduate getting a salary of 1800 KWD right off the bat! I have been working for 7 years and I’m not even close to that I would quit and go to the oil sector! lol

    @Salbader – What they said is all very true and we are in a very difficult state at this point! I really don’t know what we are going to do! We need clear steps and a solution to all these issues and someone needs to make the tough decisions and go against getting public approval, we need the country to be sustained!

  7. I said it in Marks post, there is no development in this country because there is no authority!

    How do you expect people to work if there is a law preventing them from getting fired? unless they do something drastic, and when i mean drastic probably committing murder. I have friends who work in different government jobs, I swear no one and I mean no one take his job 1% seriously! and I don’t blame them at all, because when I asked them “aren’t you worried you’re going to get fired if you missed work or arrived late?” all them laughed so hard and couldn’t believe that I even asked the question. I come to work because I fear for my job, I have goals that I need to achieve set out by my company. Thats why the private sector has always been the real development factor of this country.

    To sum up how Kuwait is and how it is progressing, take a look at the first ring road. A plan that was completed in 1980 and still hasn’t been completed!

    While our neighbors build the tallest building in the world and accomplishing it in 6 years! Ours is digging a ditch to be buried in.

    I use to worry for my children’s future, but now I’m beginning to doubt ours.

  8. esz

    What I hear from people is that the percentage of Kuwaiti people working in the private sector is very very small and that the government is not in a hurry to give salary raises for the private sector.

    I also disagree that the salary difference between the education (high school, diploma, bachelor degree) is very very small, which gives no motivation for some people to continue their education or for the people who tried their best to achieve a higher degree but get a small increase in their salary comparing to the diploma degree.

    The government should also consider controlling the prices in the market to stop a chance of inflation, since there will be no use of the salary raises in the first place.

  9. Kuwaity

    We have three sectors in Kuwait, not two. Gov. sector, private and oil sector (KPC). We can’t compare the three, they all different. We know what is the private sector, and the oil sector is a different world. The government sector actually lacks many benefits of the private and KPC sectors but also as you said they work officially less and practically much less. Their problem is that their salaries are not standardized and that’s why they want the government to study their situation but that’s not an excuse to just stop working, why they didn’t ask before? Why just after the KPC increase? Jealous?

    Also, the oil sector made a study based on the international market and many other factors then made the decision, still KPC salaries are still less than a comparable oil company in the Gulf region. Also don’t forget that most jobs in the oil sector are far from Kuwait city and in a dangerous environment. They deserve the increase though many say that the guys working in the offices don’t deserve it but that’s the KPC rule.

    A fresh graduate can join KPC with grade 11 and his salary starts from KWD 1641 not 1800. Who has an increase of three fold?? and I need to know who received an increase of KWD 6000 ?? Don’t believe everything you hear, believe what Is official.

  10. Dee

    as an emplyee in the oil sector we were underpaid .. i work from 7 to 3 and my salary nafs wezarat il maliya .. we’re more commited we dont take our excuses as we wish .. and i think the newly hired will nw get a salary of 1500 not 1800!
    and you can apply here anytime :P

  11. @id – Its very true at this point I don’t know whats our future going to look like but it doesn’t look good at all. We need direction we need someone to make the decision to stop this madness or else we are going to down very fast and very soon.Government projects have been stagnant and keep getting canceled, its the major government projects that help the private sector develop, its a revolving dependency to increase the quality of life and projects in Kuwait but sadly everything just stops.

    @esz – It is a small percentage but a very good percentage that works in the private sector. There should be incentives to bring people to the private sector that is why they need a push in that direction. As you said doesn’t matter what degree you have its who you know which is very sad. A doctorate from Stanford University is the same as Doctorate from a random Egyptian University they call them “Diktoor” and thats it. There is no differentiation or understanding for real qualifications. And then as you mentioned inflation will be a huge problem.

    @Kuwaity –
    To a degree you are correct oil sector is a bit different but they do run better but still operate like Government. I do say this the people in the Oil sector are mostly much better then the others but then there are the people behind the desk where a lot of them don’t do much even they go for the full hours at work. As you mentioned some people deserve the salary increase and they did a great job with the study but then the problem is the other government sectors which are just protesting to get money and there is huge population problem in that case. Money is given where it is deserved not because everyone wants more. And the numbers I got regarding the Oil sector were from employees in the oil sector and the 6000 KWD increase went to Managers in KPC, KOC, KOTC and other branches, its the bump based on their current salary. But like I said if people deserve it then yes but a lot of people don’t, it shouldn’t be a given, it should be about the projects they accomplish and what they have done.

  12. @Dee – There are some people that do deserve the salary increase and for their work they should get it! But just because I work from 7-3 doesn’t mean I deserve a raise, look at people in the Banking Sector they work just as hard and the same amount of time if not a lot more! And their salaries are not even that close! The men and women working in the oil fields deserve a raise for sure, the ones who are getting their hands dirty, yes because they are working hard! But people in the offices should be judged based on what they accomplished not just amount of time there! And the main problem is the whole government sector, not everyone deserves a raise, a majority of people don’t but at the rate we are going doesn’t matter how much oil the oil sector sells we won’t have enough to cover the greediness of this mob.

  13. kuwaity

    Marzouq they canceled that rise for the DMDs and chairmans in KPC, the increase went only to all direct employees. Even grade 20 won’t get 5000 after applying the new salary ladder! So it is not true.

  14. the problem with some of the people at the oil sector is that they want the raise just because they are actually going to work, not because they are working, but because they are actually driving every morning and they have to stay at the job till 3 or 4, not because they are being productive or getting anything done.

    I am not saying everyone but most people want the raise for this reason alone!!

    by the way I tried the government sector for around 2 months only, couldn’t stand it and went back to the private sector.

    I lived in japan for around 7 years and working at the government was “karaf” more than the private sector, and the service was 5 stars.

  15. X

    what would you say about the people who work at the private OIL sector?!
    and were not getting any salary increase like our peers in the public sector
    and dont get me started on who workers harder in each sector .

  16. enigma

    Please do not even compare the work of the oil sector to the public or even the private sector. Our hours and the commute is too long, and don’t forget the outdoor work in our horrible weather. Even office workers are required to perform site visits.

  17. M!

    Its interesting to see that people who have commented that work in the oil sector are defending this increase, I myself have several friends who work in the oil sector and this is what they told me, which i totally respect. “The real problem is not that some people got an increase in their salary, the problem is everyone got an increase in their salary.” I respect what they said, I am not saying that the people who commented on this blog dont deserve an increase i dont know you and yes you might, but can you really justify and tell me that everyone in the oil sector deserves a increase in salary?

    I dont think being Kuwaities we should be proud of these decisions, as the approval of the increase, as we have seen haves caused more issues for our country (e.g customs and im sure more to come) especially since we all know that our public sector is very poorly managed and over staffed as well as unprofessional.

    Why should we increase their salaries? unless someone tells me that they are all hard workers very professional and deserve it then i would say ok besides that i dont see a single reason.

  18. I work in the oil sector and I RARELY, very RARELY see a local coming in at 7am and leaving at 3pm. And some, I don’t see except for 3-4 days a month!

    So yes, its not as bad as it is in the Government Sector but that doesn’t mean that having a 7am to 3pm time and ‘site visits in horrible weather’ means everyone is following it.

  19. AQ

    I agree that private sector company’s need to act, it’s bad enough that they don’t give much back to the country, and the government is subsidizing their salaryies. before they start moaning there should be some type of taxation imposed on those “balla3een el baiza”. could not come up with a better description.

  20. It’s sickening to think that no one is doing anything about this issue. The government is just sitting idle while all hell is breaking loose.

    We need a plan of action, implementation and strict enforcement FAST!

  21. Sal

    2 years ago we were complaining about the mess the private sector has gotten us into esp. investment companies. Now its the government. I beleive the problem is in us, the people. We are too greedy, unmotivated and lack self governance. Work is never measured by pay, but by job satisfaction, environment and career development opportunities. You might decide to switch to one of the “underworked/ overpaid” ministries and slack off, but what then? Try not to generalize. I for myself work for a government entity where salaries start at 800 kd, but I really enjoy what I do. Management is very strict about attendance and career development opportunities are pretty good. I could go work in the call center department for Zain and get 900 kd or even go work for the Audit Bureau and get my ~1500.. but its more than a salary.

    not much yearly increases, but yet I do enjoy what I do, its a really health work environment and

  22. This is the subject of my planned PhD! I have resigned from my job and will go back to student life. It’s become ridiculous here… I work hard, don’t see my family with all the travel and I make the same as a pen pusher with the intellect and work ethic of a quala.

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