Wakeboarding – Liquid Force Harley 143

I have always been a fan of Wakeboarding and I remember trying it about 5 or 6 years ago and I liked it but never had the chance to do it again until recently. This summer I would wakeboard every weekend or any chance that I got. I love the feeling of being sore the next day, feels like a real workout. I would take 10 – 15 min breaks between sessions, I had a few hard falls but I still kept trying. Last week the bindings from my Loose Unit Wakeboard ripped off the board and stuck to my friends foot as he took a fall.

So I decided to pick up a real high quality wakeboard since I’m wakeboarding almost every weekend even though the water has been a bit on the rough side. So I called and Extreme Sport in Tilal carried Liquid Force which is one of the best wakeboarding manufacturers out there, and I am far from a professional but I would I get a comfortable board which is easy to maneuver and light, that is exactly what the Liquid Force Harley 143 is, and I got the Savon Bindings with it which were overkill for me because they held on too much. These bindings are meant for smooth waters so you have complete control over your board, in my case I wanted the open toe bindings which give you that extra leeway when moving around. And in this photo session Abdulla my friend was the guinea pig, lets just say we can’t recommend this board enough.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. woow loos fun :) i like water sport waayed bas never try it here in kuwait

  2. AMG

    masheftaw shay…stay tuned for more :D

  3. NYM


  4. @newbride – You should! Its lots of fun!

    @AMG – EEE! We want more!


  5. LSV-Moomba

    Once you get into being on the pro side go a few sizes down, my recommendation to you is go below 140 easy to go around and will slide much nicer. The 143 is perfect for now but next year you should down size good luck and am glad this sport is getting more popular.

  6. @LSV-Moomba – Thanks! I will be sure to do that! But this board is AMAZING! So much better then my older one, its like Gliding on water and smooth! The Bindings are too much for me, I need to get the Open toe ones, those are easier to use!

  7. bbc

    yal yamani, min wain 6ali3

    LooooL Kaaaak LoooL

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