An Amazing Night Ride

Riding season is upon us and so we must ride, honestly there is no better feeling of that rush when you first hit the road. I tried with all my will to remain calm and collected, to take it slowly when I get back on that bike, its been a few months since I was on, to get my bearings and the feeling right, but I was TOTALLY over the top and gunned it the moment I could, I didn’t even realize I only had a quarter of the tank left. This was right after work and Tristar just brought my bike back, I just updated my playlist and was ready to ride.

I love riding the Ducati Diavel is appeases my need for top-speed horsepower and throttle-cracking torque. This really feels like an Italian bread machine, everything about it screams Ducati attitude, I especially love the color scheme of carbon fiber and red. Heading down the road I was on a high, taking corner to corner as if my life depended it on it. I tried riding a bit more sensibly but I couldn’t get the excitement out of me. I could even see other riders and how happy they were riding, there were a few idiots on the road but they couldn’t ruin my mood. I was only out riding for two hours but it was a world of time and I made the best of it. Ducati has really come along over the years and the last thing anyone thought they would do a few years ago is make a cruiser, they thought they would stick to race bred machines, but instead they built the Diavel which is stylish, powerful, and an elite enthusiast machine.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Must have been nice to be out on the road again. Do you enjoy riding solo or in a group more?

  2. what a beautifully designed bike. isnt it dangerous to have the ipod in ur ears! i mean you cant hear whats going around u!

  3. @elwehbi – Honestly a combination! Sometimes Solo but usually its a small group. If your a big group you might end up with a few crazies or going to slow which drives me nuts! lol

    @QABAQ – Nope! Not at all! I can hear everything around me but the music keeps my blood pumping!

  4. Nice bike… girls would really love to ride this good looking Ducati Diavel 1198cc 162bhp with just the sound of it you’ll really go crazy.

  5. @Anime Games – Lol! I love the sound of it! Its a beast!

  6. J

    Luv the diavel

    What’s the watch iPod thingy ? Keepin the headphones under ur helmet is a bit annoying no ?wire under the jacket? U should’ve taken a pic :O

    I wanna try it !

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