KababJi Revisited

Recently I had a chance to try Kabab Ji again, its been a long time since I had their sandwiches and I’m glad I did. I heard a while back that the management changed and they are getting high quality meat and things are more organized so I thought to try it out again. My usual option is Villa Fayrooz but honestly over the past year they have screwed up order and the food has dropped drastically in quality. Mais Alghanim is good but the delivery at times takes too long so the food is cold so I thought to try out Kababji again.

We had about six kabaab sandwiches and each two were a different kind, I can’t remember the names except for one which is antabli. I was surprised, the quality of the sandwiches were great and humus was pretty good too. Out of the six I finish four and was stuffed, didn’t give my friend a chance to have three, I was too hungry and too quick for him. After that I think I have ordered Kababji at least four times this month and each time it has been good. I hope that Kababji manages to maintain the level of quality they have brought it back to, back in the day I used to eat their sandwich three times a week but I don’t mind having it once every two weeks or every week, the sandwiches just a have a little too much bread for my liking but other then that the sandwiches are great.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Fakhry

    Wow ! i too had stopped Kababji…thanks a million for this …Shall try today ;).. Fromt he pics i could grab and eat from the screen ;)

  2. Mmmm looks good! I also like a red dip that they have in Kababji, I think its called Mohammara or something similar.

  3. Marrakech

    you should try their Meat Tikka plate, best in Kuwait…

  4. @Fakhry – Anytime!

    @Kuwaitiful – Lol!

    @Q8Path – Alah e3afeek!

    @Mathai – I think thats the name yup!

    @Marrakech – I just love their sandwiches!

  5. No one in kuwait beats them on quality for takeaways. We order at least once a week. For an ear-in, I prefer villa fairooz and Mais.

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