DHL Customs Disaster

Things have gotten very ridonkulous with Customs in Kuwait, everybody faced problems but I have never had a package stuck in the Ministry of Information for over a month and a half, and I only had Gears of War 3 and Toy Model in the box, nothing else. I kept calling DHL they keep telling me two days later again and again, it was a headache. The items arrived in Kuwait on September 16th, they said the items had to go to Ministry of Information since they shutdown their desk at the airport so they said that would take a 7 to 10 days, I said thats fine so 10 days went buy and nothing, then they told me a few days later it cleared then they said it would take another week in customs because of the mess they have. Then they were on Strike and I was told my package was lost and it would take a few more days to find it then a few days more to clear it.

It went on week to week like this, until I decided to go check in Customs and they said they never received any package back from MoI. I asked where it would be and went to MoI, and I found the items were still there and never taken back. It was a disaster, I basically went to so many different offices asking what they wanted and nobody knew. At one point I spoke to one sensible guy and told him you have had the package for a month and half and havne’t decided what you want to do with it. He spoke to another guy and signed a few random papers and gave the package to me. DHL don’t have a clue about it and I’m not paying them anything for it, I wanted to blow up and rip the guys at DHL to shreds but at that point I have my package and I’m not going to bother with them, but for over a month for a toy and video is ridiculous.

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  1. A.y.b

    The same thing happened to me!!!
    It’s will be nearly two months for my packaged and now they tell me that I have to go to moi to ask about it coz they have changed the rules about multimedia and my package has kids DVDs !!!! I wont even bother to go!! and I won’t order anything again coz the service here sucks!!

  2. Please I have Avery Labels (BLOOODY LABELS!!!!!) stuck in customs for over a month and a half. And in a separate package an HP Touchpad! Yeah the whores are just taking their sweet freakin’ time!!

  3. BB

    Don’t bothor… a bunch of useless people handling those processes…

  4. Its just SAAAAD. I just received my regular mail after being sent last April!!! its just an envelope! I checked the stamps, and the package was received at customs on May! and reached Surra Mail on September! that’s like four months for a freaking letter! then one month from the Surra Mail to my house!!!! a whole month to drop it!!

    they need to question the minister for such performance.

  5. il pazzo

    the past few months the mail has been insane, customs need to get their act together and finish the job

  6. @A.y.b – Its just getting ridiculous! Seriously!

    @Jacqui – Its getting ridiculous I swear! They are driving people nuts!

    @BB – Pretty much!

    @QABAQ I قبق – Not the minister, the Wakeel! Why don’t they want a functioning bareed! Why doesn’t it work!

    @il pazzo – Things have gotten ridiculously worse since the summer! Its a disaster!

  7. Ted

    “At one point I spoke to one sensible guy..”

    Whom did you speak to and where. I now have a package stuck in Ministry of Information. How can I get it released ASAP?

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