Hilltop Compound in Bel Air by Landry Design Group

The imposing Hilltop Compound is a 40,000 square foot, 28 bedroom project located in Bel Air, LA, California. It is made up of a main residence and several other buildings, spread over 1.5 acres of land. The architecture plans were developed by Richard Landry of Los Angeles based Landry Design Group, who stated: “We wanted to evoke a feeling of transparency for this house, with many different layers and floating walls, in order to give it an extra dimension. The home is designed to age well over time, with classical-modern shapes, good proportions, and subtle details”

Now this house is HUGE, so many damn rooms, its like a hotel of its own, it even has indoor spas based on the pictures. Its your modern day castle built in Bel Air and I really like that walkway in the third picture it makes you feel like your at the edge of the castle looking over the central court yard. With the size of this place I bet you could really get lost with 28 rooms, I bet it isn’t designed like a hotel with long corridors. I really like the exterior of the house and the design of it, the interior has some cool rooms but I don’t like all the styles.

Link: FreshHome

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  1. I never liked big houses, I prefer a huge land with a small house. Damn thats a big house!

  2. @id – I’m half on half with you on that one! lol

    @Kuwait – 22 Mil? I will make a small contribution with you! lol

    @Don – Yup!

    @mad_fan – I would agree! Hell to clean though! lol

  3. il pazzo

    oh i never thought that they’d show my house, wooooow guys i live in that house … take it easy :p

  4. @il pazzo – Loool! How many people do you have to clean the place!

  5. il pazzo

    i let the neighbor hood kids do all the work, or they’ll suffer the wrath of boshlumbo ;p

  6. Now a,Ki think about is cleaning the damn place. Nice house. Needs a little more green in the spaces though.

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