Racing & Emotion Furniture

If cars and bikes give you a high, then you can now expand the flavor into your home as well. France-based Racing&Emotion crafted by Anthony Jannarelly and Benoit Fraylon, are now out with a range of chairs that have been inspired from racing icons around the globe. These include Ayrton Senna’s crash helmet and liveries from Martini, BASF and Gulf.

These types of chairs are very cool to see but not the most comfortable to sit in for a long time, but these in my opinion are display pieces, perfect for the right office. I don’t think this would be in a lot of homes, they would be in a high end office and so many of them are ridiculously cool. With the LeMans Prosche blue and orange looking amazing in the right setting, and these are expensive pieces. They range from $3000 to $5000 depending on the design you pick but damn they are nice.

Link: LuxuryLaunches

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  1. lol those bubble seats reminded me of men in black! When will smith was taking his acceptance exam.

  2. I’ll take the “Gulf” edition seat for my office thank you

  3. I agree with @id… make that two please!

  4. @Kuwaitiful – EXACTLY! Thats what I keep remembering when I see them!

    @id – With you on that!

    @elwehbi – Bulk Order Gentlemen?

  5. With my zero knowledge of riding, this is probably the safest way to get the cool factor. I need one now!

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