Statue Arts – Kurosaki Ichigo – Bankai

There is no question that I am huge fan of Bleach and especially Kurosaki Ichigo, the main character from the show. I have always been looking for the perfect display piece for Ichigo only to find that Square Enix made this amazing sculpture which surpassed the usual plastic models they make, and their models are usually impressive but this one is over the top with the details.

I really haven’t been following Bleach as much I should be, so I have no clue why Ichigo has a phoenix. But in any case, it’s totally badass so I approve. The face is very detailed, even though it has no real distinct facial details, it really gives off the impression of being made of fire. If you are a fan of the show then this is a must have for your collection even though its pricey at $500 but the quality the piece is clear.

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  1. essa k alessa

    2 thumbs up love it

  2. Farooq

    Awesome ..MashAllah ….huge fan of Ichigo ….completing the old episodes so i am with u when i dont understand y he is a pheonix …. but any way its awesome ……

    Mabrook on your new purchase ….MashAllah

  3. This is a work of art! Hope you gave it a good location for display.

  4. @essa k alessa – Thanks!

    @Farooq – Thank you very much!

    @Mathai – Oh yes I do! I have a Nippon Shelf! All Nippon All Day!

  5. loot added to list! AMAZING piece!

  6. sausama

    this video should answer your question about the phoenix..

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