Messed Up International Calls

What the hell is going on with Phone lines in Kuwait. I just came to accept that when people call into to Kuwait the call quality is usually crap, but when you call out you get a decent line. Over the last few years for some reason the lines have gotten worse, and lately most of the time when someone calls me from overseas I get some random 222#####, very rarely is it with the caller ID and sometimes its a 5 digit number like 29268. Now recently over the past two weeks I have gotten some strange caller ID numbers which start with 9982#### or 9878####. Now it seems that some Zain lines are being used as Voip numbers, I’m sure that it isn’t Zain doing this because all international lines in Kuwait are controlled by the Government for the most part, if they know they have control over it. Seriously, when someone calls me from abroad I would like to know who it is.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. fatsamurai

    The reason you’re getting the funny numbers is probably because the guys calling you are using skype

  2. Use Voip to call or receive calls internationally! Hell with Moc , Zain, Viva & the rest of ’em!

  3. visakar

    True, I also have the problem. I usually receive lot of international calls. It is becoming difficult to know who is calling.

  4. @fatsamurai – Nope! These are direct calls from people’s mobiles! None of them use Skype and half of them don’t know how! lol

    @G-Funk – Lol!

    @visakar – Exactly! Driving me Nuts!

  5. BB

    This is what happens when a country insists on using historical internal calling gateways when the whole world is moving towards IP telephony…. way to go!

  6. This is all cause by the MOC and their takhallof. Its all cause MOC is still controlling the Int’l calls and still not granting VOIP linceses yet. So all these cheap calls you are getting are through underground and illegal VOIP servers working solo.

    big politics and influences are needed to get such license, we are talking big money.

    who pays for all this? us consumers


  7. @BB – That is very true! We are stuck with people who don’t want to advance our country lines! They want to make their buck!

    @QABAQ I قبق – That is a lot of influence required! If its for the benefit of the country and nobody financially benefits then it never really happens! Very very frustrating with the way the lines are!

  8. High price and low quality. Starting to become a pattern here.

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