Last Man Standing

The series follows Mike Baxter, a director of marketing at an outdoor sporting goods store in Colorado, whose world is dominated by women — especially at home with his wife and three daughters, one of whom is a single mother.

This is one of those light hearted family comedies that you see every once in a while, but the moment I saw it I loved it. I used to be a HUGE fan of Home Imrpovement, I used to love all the thing Tim Allen did and the dynamic of the kids he had. I grew up watching that show, it was one of those shows in the 90s that wasn’t huge but was essential and people could relate to it and especially their neighbor who I never saw. Now comes along another show with a slightly different dynamic but still has that Tim Allen feel, the funny family and sarcastic style that I enjoy. Really fun show that I’m liking every episode I see.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. This is actually one of the best new shows out there.

    Even with new seasons of older shows, I’m starting to wonder if the writers are on strike or something. Almost every show, new or having a new season, is bad. You might get one or two ok shows, but they generally are terrible this year.

    I for one am glad that “Last Man Standing” is fresh and entertaining :)

  2. Andrew

    There sure are a lot of parallels between Last Man Standing and Home Improvement. It really kind of distracted me from the show and I doubt I’m the only one that felt that way. Still though Tim Allen’s new show provided some laughs and was entertaining enough that I’m willing to give it some time to see if it develops its own identity. I’m never home when it airs though, so I plan on keeping up with it on dishonline(dot)com. Dishonline is a great streaming site with literally thousands of movies and TV shows, provided free by my employer: DISH Network. I definitely recommend checking it out, especially considering non-dish customers still have access to a lot of the content.

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