G Reader – What Has Happened!


Google Reader is my favorite RSS Agregator out there, my source of information, an organization to all the chaos that faces me on the interweb and now they ravaged it, Google what have you done. I feel like it has been stripped of its powers now longer in control of itself, an autonomous portal on the web. They wanted to streamline their products and at the same time killed off one of its best features, sharing with your friends. There are some people that I always share with on GReader that I don’t socialize with them online, always showing interesting topics that I might not have seen. I’m a fan of Google Plus but doesn’t mean everything has to be shared through, make it an option, not mandatory!

What I Dislike Severly About it:

  • No More Friend Shares
  • The Monochrome Colors On The Left, I Want My Colors Back
  • Feels like its flat

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I hate when such big companies come up with a “downgrade” upgrade.

    #blackberry too

  2. Google is going to end up like myspace or yahoo if they start messing up their best features.

  3. xmido

    try Feedly. It access your google reader and improve the functionality and display a bit. There is a chrome app if your in chrome. Or you can just access the site.

  4. Wyn

    We Google also want to be like Apple, so clean so neat and so simple :)

  5. I’ve stopped using google reader since I got my iPad. I still use google in the background but there are so many client apps that sync with google. My favorite by far is Flipboard.

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