Eid Mubarak To All

Eid vacations have turned into one and two week vacations for people in Kuwait with the Government giving extended vacations in all directions. I had a few days off so I took them to travel for a bit, but usually I like staying in Kuwait for Eid, the town is like a ghost town and its easy to get around.

Right now the weather is fantastic and its amazing to be outside, I like Eid because you get to see a lot of family and all these adorable kids. I do go somewhat broke giving out Eedeyas and yes not all the kids are the same, some you give different then others, I have my favorites.

This time around I’m taking advantage and went out of town for a bit so I hope everyone has a fantastic Eid with friends and family.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. وأنتم بخير وصحة وسلامة

  2. Happy Eid to y’all .. may we celebrate many more to come in good health and happiness.

  3. Happy Eid Uncle Zouk *extends hands out to get eidiya* (I hope I am one of your favorites ;P)

    Hehehe no seriously enjoy and have fun!

  4. Akbar

    Eid Mubarak Z n fly.

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