Group On – Behind The Curtains


Group On has been talked about for the last two years, the next big thing in the web, the ones who refused Google, the ones who are going to take to the next level. I didn’t get how exactly they were making money or what they were doing, and then they got a lot of negative press, they lost their top management within months and the CEO and Chairman were till their messing about. From the hype of being of an untouchable company turning down a Google buyout of $6 Billion and then falling from grace with the expectations for its market cap had fallen from $30 billion to closer to $10 billion. There is big story behind the scenes, check out the story from Gawker from the link below.

Link: Gawker

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  1. They are a bunch of idiots, they got greedy and thought they could get more. They are operating while losing money every quarter and are looking for loans last time I followed the story a few weeks ago.

  2. @N – Very true! They went way overboard! They should have kept doing what they were doing well not try to conquer everything when they haven’t stabilized!

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