2012 Ducati 1199 Panigale

At last the sexy beast from the Italian firm has been unveiled after months of teasing, we at last get to see the machine we have all been craving to see. Its faster and lighter then 1098 & 1198, and a few design changes have been made to make this a menacing looking machine. Sanity was thrown out the window when they had this machine in mind, its 22 lbs lighter and 20 more horse to get this machine rocketing past any thing on the road.

Ducati have taken it a step further with the Panigale which was unveiled in EICMA at the beginning of November. I really do love the lines of this machine, and especially the LED lights that give it this futuristic look, the first full-LED headlight on a motorcycle . I was always a fan of the underseat exhaust but they wanted to lower the center of gravity to handle better so they took the exhaust down, I’m liking it, I’m really wondering how it sounds but knowing Ducati I know it would sound damn good. The package will set you back $17,995 for the base model, while S trim nudges the MSRP to $22,995. The top-of-the-line S Tricolore will fetch a more heart-stopping $27,995.

They have a lot of electronic additions to this vehicle and one of them the GPS Data Aquisitioning system to give you all the Data Logging info that you could want. You get the traction control system as standard on all bikes but ABS is optional on the Panigale. But the most interesting part for me is the electronically adjustable suspension system which will really change how the ride feels. I really want to get my hands on this bike, so many rumors and to see it in real life would be something else.

Link: Asphalt&Rubber
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  1. il pazzo

    just by looking at this bike is considered a sin
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaa the horror

  2. Saleh

    Now we are talking.
    Loved every lil thing about this bike but, i still miss the aggressive exhaust under the tail.

  3. So when are we going to meet her Marzouq ;)

  4. Cool! looks like Ducati have gone back to the awesome designs of Tamburini. My fav classic will always be the 916 by Tamburini and it was also the one Carl Fogarty rode to many victories :)

    Sorry if my comment is too long.. just reminiscing about my biker days back in University :(

  5. @elwehbi – ME TOO!

    @il pazzo – AGREEED! Its a sin I must commit! lol

    @vampire – Yup!

    @Saleh – I know what you mean, but I’m looking forward to seeing this change, Ducati always know what they are doing!

    @id – I wish she could join my team, but I don’t think it is in my future! lol

    @Mathai – I agree with you the 916 is my favorite! And the Tamburini designs are something to honor! And I can’t wait to see this machine in real life! And the longer the comment the merrier!

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