The Art of Shaving in NYC

While in NYC I wanted to get a shave and a quick hair cut, my problem is that I have gotten used to how they shave in Kuwait. With a single blade and they do it very well, honestly I haven’t found very many places that know how to shave your beard and give you that cut that the barbers in Kuwait do. Well I have known about The Art Of Shaving for a very long time and some of those stores have barber shops, not all of them do. It started off as a mom and pop business that grew to several locations across the US and was bought out by Proctor and Gamble who spread it all across the US and with them barbershops.

It has this old Gentlemen’s club feel to it and they have some fantastic products, especially their aftershaves which put out the fire on my skin after a shave. I shaved here once in February and the Barber was Puerto Rican and his name was Azreal, so I called and the guy was there. To say that he was an Artist with the a single shaving blade is an understatement, this guy was good, he was so good that I really enjoyed the shave and booked to come back a week later. For me its a pleasure to get a shave, you lay down, close your eyes get a warm towel and you get rid of that very annoying itch on your neck and cheek. He used the shaving cream and oils from the line of products that I like, and I always end up getting a few things from them on the way to take back to Kuwait with me.

They call their Barbershop the Barber Spa, and it deserves to because these guys are really good and talented. If you are ever in New York stop by the Art Of Shaving on 520 Madison Avenue, best place for a man to get a cut and shave. And I always want to buy some of their blades even though I rarely shave at home, still they have some great products which I use with my barber in Kuwait.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Dave

    Thanks for the info…When I leave Kuwait I will miss the way my barber does the shave and cut here, and you cant find somthing like that in too many places. Atleast now I know their is a place, just have to see if their is one in my area in the states :)

  2. Moh_jo

    Tried that exact same branch last year. The barber was from either Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan cant remember. The shaving itself wasn’t anything to write home about, actually it felt very irritating. I do like the whole atmosphere though with the chair pushed back all the way and the eye patches n stuff. Maybe I’ll try another barber next time…

  3. @Dave – I know what you mean! Its one of the areas I keep in mind!

    @vampire – Not too bad for the US!

    @Moh_jo – My guy was someone else, and I will probably keep on using him if he is around!

  4. Marzouq, where do you recommend here in Kuwait? I want a quality barber with a nice atmosphere and no cheap furniture. I’ve hated my experience here!

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