iTunes & iCloud Confusion


Is it just me or all the updates to iTunes is confusing me, so many updates with iOS 5.0 but it didn’t go as smoothly as everyone wanted. Apple has been on the for forefront of fusing media and technology, but with the introduction of iCloud there was a bit of a confusion and with iTunes match its even more confusing.

I for one use iTunes for all my music and purchase music when its available and get it through other means when I don’t find it on iTunes which is only 20% of them time. With iCloud you can move your library to iCloud instead of your computer which is good, but your limited to 5GB which is bad and then you have to purchase the rest on a yearly basis. I can understand that but then there are the other kinks, it backs up everything such as documents and files but it has to be a Mac Made file so doesn’t back up files from other devices or formats. And iCloud only works with Apple devices and nothing else, which can get frustrating with dealing with other devices. If you switch on iCloud storage for iOS device it would automatically erase all the media on your phone which they don’t warn you about. iTunes match is another thing now, it matches the music you have to that on the iCloud and if it isn’t bought from iTunes they try to match it which is pretty good but it is a bit on the confusing side how to activate it for your machines.

Seriously too many changes between iCloud, iOS5, and now iTunes match. I’m waiting for the dust to settle on this to see how exactly I can comfortable use it with my iPods.

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  1. you know what I’m starting to really hate this iTunes carp and I’m switching to Android. I like apple products but the biggest downside is this iTunes jail

  2. @Q8hangouts – That is EXACTLY what I’m saying! They should have an option to do things without iTunes! You can sync wirelessly or control through libraries! iTunes kills off machines i Swear!

  3. @Marzouq : PC’s hat it :-p Works great on Mac’s!

    Let me clear one thing about iCloud & iTunes Match :

    iCloud is a cloud based service to back up your computer(Mac) & iOS Devices content (Contacts, Calendars, Photos, Settings …)to the cloud & can be easily synced between all of your devices! your free quota is 5GB, but you can buy extra space as you want!

    iTunes Match is a service that matches your iTunes library content (items not purchased from iTunes “CD rips, Downloads”) & finds its mach within iTunes music store for an annual subscription fee of $24.99! so if all of your music library is purchased from iTunes , you basically don’t need iTunes match! you can access your entire purchased music from iTunes on all of your iOS/PC at any time and download them!

    most music purchased from iTunes now are DRM-Free , so you can backup your entire music library from iTunes & use any other music jukebox app !

  4. And that my friend is why I still haven’t activated iCloud as much as I like it, I still prefer the good ol’ fashioned way of stuff for now.

  5. I really thought iCloud will be the end of iTunes. Maybe ios6…

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