Organizing Your Books


At some point in time I used to know a large amount of the books I have, but now I have piles of them sitting on different parts of the room and some of them getting dangerously high. When I go through a few piles, I realize there were some books I wanted to read and follow up on at a later stage. I know the books that I read but the ones that go unread sometimes disappear and I forget to follow up on them, until I find them later hidden inside a cabinet or the back of a shelf. So to organize this large mess of items there are two softwares that I have been looking at, one is the usually awesome Delicious Library which has advanced greatly but there is one other very viable option which is Collectorz Home Library, two options to choose from.

Delicious Library 2
Price: $35


  • Can categorize anything: Books, Movies, Music, Electronics, Toys, Tools, & Video Games
  • Scanning through the computer Camera
  • Smart Shelf to Organize your Items


  • Mac Only
  • No App for the iPad, iPhone, or Android, Just exporting to the iPhone

Collectorz Home Library
Price: $49

  • Works on Both Mac & Windows
  • App for iPad, iPhone, & Android
  • Very good categorizing


  • Only for Books (If you just want it for books then this doesn’t matter to you)
  • You have to enter the ISBN number or enter it through a scanner, not through the computer camera
  • There are other versions from Collectorz but have to be purchased individually

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  1. MGE

    Delicious Library looks amazing but for some reason they’re not on good terms with Amazon for some reason and that’s why you can’t sync to your phone.

    I’m using Collectorz and I’m very happy with it! I agree the scanning Buddy app is a bit annoying sometimes but I love their customer service. They always try to improve things though :)

  2. @MGE – Thanks for the feedback! I was leaning towards Collectorz because its cross platform and thats what was most important to me! Delicious is pretty but doesn’t work the way I have in mind! The scanning thing is minor annoyance that I can live with!

    Thanks for the feedback! At least I know what to go with!

  3. Wow. We’re not there yet. I’ve split the books in genres and can quickly find what I need. But then when we only have about 15-20 shelves of books.

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