Lego – What I Have To Build!


Over the last year I have piled up a few boxes of Lego which have been sitting on the floor for about 8 months now. I get annoyed seeing the boxes on the floor but then I realize the time commitment required for me to finish them, and I hate to leaving something unfinished. Still I’m getting more and more anxious to work on these two Lego models first, I do have other one’s as well but these two are the one’s I have to see completed first. I have the space to place them right now, or at least one of them but after that I don’t think I have anymore space to place the other ones. Need to think of a solution, I seriously can’t get enough of Lego.

  • Star Wars Imperial Shuttle
  • Technic Mobile Crane


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  1. 3obad

    Great pieces u got there!
    where do u get them from? I m looking for a pirate ship all over kuwait couldn’t find them, and its pretty heavy to ship using Aramex.

  2. Zouq, if you’re seriously into building Legos and are looking for something that’s intense, you have to get yourself these 2:
    Lego 8455 (Have it for 3 years and I love it!)
    Lego 8110 (Newly released, getting it this month)

    Google both to know how they look, plus so many pneumatics :D

  3. @3obad – Honestly I use Amazon! Can’t seem to find anything in Kuwait! It drives me nuts!

    @Kuwait – Damn those are cool! The UNIMOG is AWESOME! Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that!

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