The Diavel Affair

I bought mine back in February and been loving it ever since! I have been riding Ducati for a while now, never thought of riding a cruiser before but since Ducati made it I was intrigued and when I saw the Diavel it was love at first sight, and I’m happy I got the machine but its a hell of a lot of fun to ride! Its kind of funny that the name of the bike is Devil

People may have different opinions about the bike, but I can say that Ducati has always ruffled a few feathers but they do know how to make a bike that is fun to ride! This motorcycle redefines fun, and there are moments on bikes when you’re concentrating so intently on the moment, the rest of the world, life, worries, memories are all pushed out of your mind as you focus on the now. This is why I look forward to riding, those moments you are on the bike you are in a different world.

Recently I have been seeing quite a few Diavel’s on the road and the more the merrier. A friend of mine just picked up and it seems that TriStar have a few more lined and arriving soon. The regular Diavel is selling for around 6500 and the Diavel Carbon is going for 7500, and if you are a fan of Ducati and like cruisers then this the machine for you. And after adding the Termignoni Exhaust I swear its music to my ears, I feel like a rebel without a cause. One other note for the Harley guys, I have raced large amount of Harley’s since getting the bike and every type of V-Rod, and yes the Ducati is much faster, I couldn’t help myself.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. essa k alessa

    nice car in the background hehehehe..

  2. Beautiful pics..loved the last line :D

  3. The exhaust pipes look awsom. not a big fan of bikes but am sure its fun to ride

  4. bakooka amazing bike, allah e7afthik, bess the discovery in the background distorts the pic :P

  5. @essa k alessa -Loool! It should have been a bike!!! :P

    @Amu – Thanks! Had to be said! :P

    @QABAQ | قبق – Very fun ride! Thanks!

    @NYM -Looool! Thank you!

  6. @Adrenaline – Exactly! Like a Chopper! lol

  7. Blitz Stomer

    Get ready to be smoked!:)

  8. @Blitz Stomer – Challenge Accepted! lol

  9. The guy with the orange one has taste :D

  10. @N – Lol! Wasn’t me! I was on the Diavel!

  11. MYK

    Okhh, hatha Monther! :)

    I should join you guys some day, not sure if you’d be able to catch up with me though, on my Vespa. :p

  12. So is this the machine for my midlife crisis? :) I was thinking more of the bikes with two wheels in the front to camouflage my belly…

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