Browser Hacked – Yandex.RU Hack


I am very careful with my machines, I update them constantly and I do regular scans. Sometimes some software crashes or a machine crashes, that happens every once in a while. But I am very careful of what I install or download, so when something weird starts happening I go into lock down mode. The day before my machine was acting fine when the next day any website I enter gets redirect to “” I didn’t know why. Some websites would stay but regular websites get redirected.

Googling it on the infected machine was useless because it kept getting redirected so I used a different machine to Google if this happened to anyone. Turns out there is a hostile bot that hijacks websites and automatically redirects them to which is a Russian search engine/mail provider.

First Step:

  • Turn Off All Add-Ons on Firefox and Chrome
  • Run AVG Virus Scanner & Windows Maleware Defender


  • The scanners didn’t find anything and the websites didn’t find anything

Next Step:

  • Update Windows, Firefox, Chrome, AVG Definitions, Windows Defender, Chrome & Firefox Add-Ons, Flash, & Java


  • Still getting redirected

Next Step:

  • Deleted All Cookies, Cleared All Forms, All History from Chrome, Firefox, & Internet Explorer


  • Thing went back to normal

I won’t lie I was a bit freaked out after each step and I was getting pissed, I thought some random Russian was messing with me and I wanted to punch him. So these are the automatic steps that I took and luckily things cleared up. And usually if worse comes to worse, I would format the machine after trying everything, I would have gotten paranoid that somebody really got into it, but it didn’t reach that point.

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  1. Marcopolo

    Next Step:
    Get A Mac

    Live happily ever after.

  2. Fifi De La Sheesh

    “some random Russian was messing with me and I wanted to punch him.”

    Best. Line. Ever.

  3. Dave

    Yeah, Im always thinking like that too, somody from their computer just laughing and having fun with me….the hacker movies are getting to my head, haha

  4. @Marcopolo – Loool! Apple has malware too so it isn’t a total solution! lol

    @Fifi De La Sheesh – Lol! Well its true! hahaha

    @Dave – I know seriously! Too many movies in my head! hahaha

  5. ramus

    I have a mac, I have the same problem on chrome. I think its because of some ad script code run astray on an adnetwork.

  6. Radwan

    plz i upgraded my firefox blocked the site cleared history and still having same problem

  7. M

    It won’t just work, it’s killing me.

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