The Forgotten Spot

Thanks to Poach for letting me know that you can take pics at Villa Moda in Shuweikh, I remember when I tried taking pictures there in 2007 and security would try chasing me off. This time around the place looked sad and deserted. From the heights of being an international phenomenon Villa Moda has dropped so low and so hard, its so saddening.

I stopped to take pics of the Diavel there, I remember taking pics of my Ducati 1098s in 2007 and the security tried stopping saying that pictures weren’t allowed and now its like they didn’t have a clue why I would visit. It is still a visually stunning building, it sad to see it deserted like this. I kept thinking there is so much that can be done with this building. I kept on going on my ride for that day, even though it was a short ride it was a lot of fun.

Then I was riding down the Gulf Road heading back home a thought popped into my head. Villa Moda is design in a way that would be perfect to setup galleries, I wish someone would buy the building and turn it into a great Art center and creative Boutiques. Unique types of Galleries and you can see into them and boutique stores that people would enjoy, that would help the building turn around.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. essa k alessa

    mashalah what a beast… ride safe

  2. @essa k alessa – Thanks! A Beast Indeed!

  3. Nasser

    Awesome man! Allah y7afthik. Is it closed down now?

  4. @Nasser – Tislam! It seemed open but lots of boxes! Don’t know what was going on!

  5. Cool ride that Diavel.. Mashalla..
    Enjoy the ride every weekend, and hope we meet next time.

  6. Dave

    Cool pics, I am with you, I see so many places that could be turned into new and differnt areas for the people of Kuwait to go, but most of the time they just sit their and waist away. Anyway like how your blog goes different directions somtimes also..Keep up the good work!

  7. coolbiker

    Villa Moda went through classic bad management after it went public,, but still the Diavel looks great with your talent. Love to ride my black carbon with u

  8. I would love to take some photos of your Diavel, Please let me know if you are interested.
    Thank You for sharing

  9. @Q8Stig – Inshalla buddy!

    @Jacqui – Very sexy ride!

    @Dave – Will do! Thanks! I always try to keep things interesting! And your right there are places in Kuwait which are wasting away, too bad they aren’t taken over and done something with them!

    @coolbiker – Always welcome to join!

    @Mohammad Taqi – Shoot me an email! Maybe we can set something up!

  10. Passed by the other day (hoping to ministry of higher (lower) education). Shame it’s not in use. I love the building.

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