At $45’000 this is one very exclusive machine, more like a work of art. I wouldn’t know whether to ride this bike or display it in my living room. You would have to be in love with this machine to get it, but in reality these bikes from the Alabama Company. From all the other Confederate machines this one is just as appetizing and I would love to try this machine out on the open road. For now I can just admire it from afar since this won’t be in my stable any time soon.

This is the Alabama company’s latest model, and it comes with a mission statement: “With the X132 Hellcat, we set out to build the toughest motorcycle ever made”. Hellcat components include Marzocchi forks, Pirelli Supercorsa tires, a Beringer/Brembo brake system and Motogadget instrumentation. The 132 ci (2163 cc) V-twin motor, developed with the help of S&S, puts out 132 bhp—which might not sound like much given the capacity, but the Hellcat is relatively light at 500 lbs (226 kg).

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. essa k alessa

    nice bes mal wa7id makweta daam small oo light

  2. unKnown

    226KG? ayey baitkum asheela wa7e6a bl wanait ;p

  3. are these moving parts meant to be open that way!!! what happens if u stick ur finger there!

  4. Really nice bike… exposed mechanicals are always welcome in my book!

  5. Saleh

    its a beauty, but paying that much of money for that HP ? mmmm dont know :D

  6. yummy yummy yummyyyy
    This is the old “Kuwaiti Chopper Dude” in me, that comes out once in a while hahahahaha

  7. @essa k alessa – Hahahaha! I know!

    @unKnown -LOOL! Dont have it!

    @QABAQ | قبق -U GET MESSED UP! lol

    @elwehbi -It is! I love em but they also freak me out a bit!

    @Saleh -Honestly its not about HP! Its about the Art of the machine!

    @Kuwaiti Boys Toys – This bike would bring it out! hahaha! Amazing machine!

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