The UnFollowing Phenomenom


I only recently joined Twitter in April of 2011, a late baby boomer. And when I joined I felt lost in this huge realm of information not knowing what the hell was going on. But within a few months I figured out my way about and honestly I’m loving it. Different then the blog and you get to interact with people right away and get information quickly if you need it. Its like a burst of energy for me, and to me its an addition to what I do online. I do love blogging and I love what Twitter has introduced, and nobody can deny that it is a huge phenomenon in the region but I for one am enjoying it yet not taking things too seriously. A surprising thing that I heard recently is that we make up a small percentage of twitter but the more interesting part is that Kuwait makes up almost 20% of the activity of twitter in the region even though we are so little in comparison.

Now with all of this a lot of people use twitter for different reasons and in my opinion some people take it so seriously. I recently found a way to see who follows and unfollows me and I find it very interesting especially these bots that keep on following and unfollowing, and also people who unfollow, and thats about it for my interest. I recently had friend unfollow me and I called him up and told him that I caught him and laughed, he said he didn’t expect me to see that I did, he was somewhat embarrassed. I told him who cares I just found it funny and I was surprised that he didn’t unfollow, he said I tweeted too much! I just started laughing, but I realized that a lot of people really get insulted when you unfollow them when reality its nothing at all. Seriously with life online or offline people need to have thicker skin, this craze started with Facebook friend and unfriending, and now with the unfollow and follow, come on don’t take things too seriously.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. “I don’t know why people take it seriously…

    …Now follow me or else.”


  2. You tweet too much? You’re just the tip of an ice berg compared to others.

  3. Twitter is a form of a socialization media… Hence when you follow someone and they follow you back, it becomes equivalent to being “friends”… It goes the opposite when you unfollow someone, it would be taken as an indication of like not wanting their friendship… Of course this just me own personal analysis

  4. @3baid – Hahaha! U felt it didn’t you! hahaha

    @Kuwaitiful – Really! lool! I thought I was too much as some point! haha

  5. I don’t think you tweet too much and yeah I found those who unfollowed me funny but in my books; if someone follows me and I check out their profile and they are not one of those bots then I follow back. I do not leave others hanging hehe unless it’s some companies it’s just because I am not interested in getting a gazillion spam messages :P

  6. What kills me is when people link other services to twitter and spam the hell out of your timeline (foursquare) if I want where you are I would follow you on foursquare.

    And keep your tweets coming bro.

  7. nothing beats the innovative way that Twitter came up with, it’s simple and fast, and it’s like a social tonic for me, to know what’s going on in Kuwait or any where by the trending hashtags!

  8. Twitter is awesome! It’s like an information fix in a matter of seconds… more importantly, it’s information which you have chosen to follow, weeding out half the crap you get bombarded with on a daily basis.

  9. @Jacqui -Honestly I just follow those who I want to follow! Simple as that! And ur right there so man bots! lol

    @N – Exactly! Sometimes too much spaming! Will do buddy!

    @Kal – Yup! That I am slowly figuring it out!

    @elwehbi -Exactly! There are a lot of bombardment! lol! Selective Information!

  10. The best way to stay connected to home news when traveling, and to what’s going on around the world when im home. Love it.

  11. @BuYousef – I agree with you 100%!! Its great to keep up with the news you want to know about!

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