Review: Friends With Benefits

While trying to avoid the clichés of Hollywood romantic comedies, Dylan and Jamie soon discover however that adding the act of sex to their friendship does lead to complications.

I thought this would be one of those kinda funny movies but it turned out to be a lot better then that. I saw No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher and was somewhat disappointed. This time around I was really surprised but this movie was nice and hilarious. Justin Timberlake pulled off his role perfectly, better then Ashton Kutcher who is supposed to be an actor. These two movies came out at the same time and this one was by far more hilarious and one of those easy movies to watch that makes everyone laugh.

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  1. I watched it not so long ago. no didnt watch it for Mila kunis :p.

    but it was a good movie. great on a weekends day at home

  2. I agree and it doesn’t hurt that Mila Kunis is insanely hilarious hehe she might’ve carried most of the movie but Justin T didn’t do a bad job either!

  3. Mila Kunis is hot… but the movie wasn’t that great in my opinion. JT didn’t do the greatest of jobs with his acting, but there were some great lines in the dialogue.

  4. I loved that movie! they should be the next Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan! and yeah Mila Kunis is HOT and cute and it’s very rare to find those in one woman…! HOLLA!

  5. It was a cute movie .. JUMp JuMP ! :P Mila kunus is Gorg !

  6. @QABAQ | قبق – Exactly! Perfect home movie!

    @Jacqui – Yup! They were a fun combo!

    @elwehbi – Really! I thought it was pretty good!

    @Kal – Loool! So you liked it!

    @Dudette – Ok I will admit I was a huge fan of Kriss Kross! And I sang the song from the movie! hahaha!

  7. Watched it on a flight. Agree it should be a little shorter.

  8. Shooshoo

    I totally agree. After watching “No Strings Attached” I hesitated in watching “Friends with Benefits” fearing it would be the same mundane story.. But in my opinion the characters in this movie were much more amiable and entertaining. And it didn’t hurt that JT and Mila are so cute!

  9. @BuYousef – Yup! To make it more fun!

    @The Triple F – Anytime!

    @Shooshoo – Exactly! No Strings Attached was so disappointing! This was way more entertaining!

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