Comic Panels Printed By BayPhoto

There is no denying that I am addicted to comics of all kinds, and one the things I tend to do is while surfing through all these websites I would save high quality images. I always wondered how I could print them as metal panels, since I already had a few metal panels that I picked up from Chicago a year ago. After finding BayPhoto’s website

I went with three panels types of comic panels to print, Transformers, Comics, and Manga. I wanted to do the metal prints and find something reasonable and after going around Bay Photo had the best options. BayPhoto seems to be the place that photographers make their prints and they are professionals, my prints were packaged by Mike, thats what it said on a card inside the packaging, I liked the personal touch.

All the prints came out perfectly, I made some normal size print outs and some custom size print outs which I put over my computer screens, the biggest one being the Transformers G.I.Joe which look awesome. For $320 these prints were very reasonable and especially for the quality, and only one was a bit fuzzy but that was because of the quality of the upload and other ones were amazing. The Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow came out amazing, so much so that I wanted it in front of me when I was working on my computer.

The List Of Panels:

  • Transformers & G.I.Joe
  • Transformer Bad Asses
  • Optimus Prime Version 1
  • Optimus Prime Version 2
  • Batman & Superman Apocalypse
  • Superman
  • G.I.Joe – Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow
  • Mazinger
  • Justice League

Link: BayPhoto

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  1. VERY VERY COOL prints! Plates look amazing mashallah, nice touch :> The killer was Optimus prime plates, then batman superman then G.I.Joe .. Now I will start my search for good Grenddizer hi-res pics :D I think I want one on my wall

  2. @Q80-ChillGirl -Thanks! Honestly I love having them on my wall! And Grendizer would be awesome! And yes Optimus Prime is Bad Ass!

  3. Mohammed

    Great pics. Is this store located in Kuwait? Or you used Aramex?


  4. @Mohammed – I used MyUS to bring them to Kuwait!

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