Three Amigos Riding

This wasn’t the usual combination of riders and we also ran into the wolf pack while we were riding this time around. The wolf pack are a bunch of guys who love everything about riding and it doesn’t matter what they ride they are always together and I love that.

We were 2 Ducati Diavels and one Harley V-Rod, and we can all assume who were having more fun out of the road. I kept help but poke a little bit of fun at Harley but I can always respect those riders because they are a dedicated group and always watch out for other riders, and that is something I respect.

We went all the way to Doha for our usual route with a few changes and heading back down the 7th ring road since we wanted to try something a little different. Whats fun is that we know our limits but still have a lot of fun, I can’t keep the smile off my face when I’m riding the Diavel. One thing to note is that the Diavel can do 0-62 mph in 2.6 seconds which is just ridiculous for a sport cruiser, and I love that it can handle. And one thing that drivers never learn is that most bikes are faster then cars, unless you have jet turbine in your car, and a highly modified Nissan GT-R had to learn that the hard way, and I could see the disappointment in his face at 8 am on a Friday morning.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. looks like your having lots of fun and enjoying the Diavel..
    and about that GT-R,, hahaha poor guy,, job well done

  2. The Diavel is one of the hottest bikes around! Is it smooth all through the power band? Balanced between a speed bike and a cruiser?

  3. Man! I saw the Diavel in Bahrain.. it looks huge!

  4. @vampire – A LOT OF FUN! U know we love to race cars!

    @elwehbi – Perfect blend! More sport then cruiser which is the best thing! You could call it spicy!

    @Q8Stig – Its not too big! Honestly I think its the perfect size!

  5. Looking at your pictures I am missing my Diavel. I cant wait to get back!!

  6. Great time of year for you guys :) enjoy and stay safe.
    Yes many don’t alike they don’t have a chance in hell against a bike…

  7. @Amu – I can’t go too long without riding it!

    @BuYousef – Thanks! It is wonderful to ride this time of year!

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