WD & Seagate Hard Drive Warranties Out The Door

Now this was shocking news for Seagate and Western Digital, they have taken a step I wasn’t expecting.

The floods that have taken place in Taiwan has caused a shortage of hard drives across the world, and customers have taken a hit with the price increase, a big one. Now the consumers are taking another hit, and this one is more permanent, these two hard drive manufacturers are cutting back on hard rive warranties, in some instances from five to one. If you buy your hard drive prior to Jan 2 2012 it will retain what ever warranty it has but after that then the hard drive will lose its warranty.

One of the things that I loved about Western Digital is that you could always warranty your hard drive without any issues but this is one bad decision and I really don’t like it. They said they are doing this in order to save money or redirect it to product development, I think its BS.

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  1. TK

    I think you mean ‘Thailand’, not ‘Taiwan’

  2. Akbar

    Warranties are a waste of time ESP from dubious dealers. So no point in expecting anything but cold shoulder. Got a nokia phone from FCC the in July for example n it’s display touch screen went kaput. I travelled and after two months went to FCC for getting it fixed only to find that I had to pay half of the price of the mobile as se how “water seeped through” this is crazy. I hate it And I think it’s a scam from local dealers to make money on super priced spares of new models. So no love lost if all electronic gadgets decide to toss out their warrenties at will. It’s a waste

  3. @TK – You are correct! Thanks!

    @Akbar – But this is an international manufacturer! Not your run of the mill company, and FCC aren’t that good with warranties! Always BS!

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