Augmented Reality show with National Geography @ 360 Mall


Feed the dinosaurs, pet a leopard, moonwalk with an astronaut or brave a storm. Zain in cooperation with 360 MALL & National Geographic Channel, brings to you the spectacular world of augmented reality. Step in and be transported.

Venue: Main Atrium. Date: 22nd-25th December. Time: 10am-10pm.

For more info call : 1800360

Honestly this is something amazing by Zain & 360 Mall, to bring the Augmented Reality technology to our mall and all these kids to try it out. I heard from some family and friends that it really is amazing, and the kids love it.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Akbar

    That’s a cool concept. something I didn’t hear before. Didnt realize you owned 360 too! =)

  2. @Akbar – Loool! How would I own 360 Mall! hahaha

  3. Akbar

    Keep it coming friend ;-) you said “our 360” I found it funny enough ho ho ho!

  4. @Akbar – I think our cuz its close to me! lol!

  5. I was there but it was a HUGE disappointment. Maybe all those sci-fi movies have raised my expectations to unreasonable levels lol!

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