A Rowdy Bunch

This was probably one of most unorganized rides I have ever had and we kept adding more and more people throughout the ride. Towards the end of our ride we were Eight Bikes and One Ariel Atom so it was quiet a high speed tour of Kuwait. We had our mix of machines and mix of riders, from the extremely well experienced to the novice so it was a learning curve for a few people.

  • 3 Ducati 1198’s (TriColore, 1198, 1198s Pearl White)
  • 1 MV Agusta 312R
  • 2 Diavel Carbons (One Red & One Black)
  • 1 KTM RC8
  • 1 BMW 1000 RR
  • 1 Ariel Atom

The weather couldn’t have been any better, sunny and slightly cold, the perfect weather to go riding. We had a route in mind but we didn’t a chance since one of the guys ran of out gas but we still had a fun time. One of our friends had a close call from a woman who cut across three lanes and almost took him out in a round about but he managed to avoid being taken out even though he still get hit. The crazy thing is that she didn’t even bother to stop on check on him, I stopped to check on him and had the urge to chase after her. The whole road was empty and she had all the road only to almost take him out. Luckily that didn’t kill our mood after we made sure everything was ok.

We are planning to be slightly more organized next week for a better ride and a lot longer. Keeping this many people on schedule is difficult as hell but when you get everyone on time its a ton of fun.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Looks like fun! Glad you enjoyed your time :D

  2. 3alaikom bil 3afia, 1000rr ! best bike on earth !

  3. Great ride glad you guys kept up :p i took some great pictures!!

  4. @Jacqui – Yup! Very much enjoyed it!

    @NYM – Alah e3afeek! It is an amazing bike!

    @Abdulrahman – Lol! We slowed down for you!

    @elwehbi – Yup! That is exactly it! It slaps a smile across your face when your in it!

  5. Nice pictures. Me want Aerial Atom Sooo Badd :(

  6. Lovely shots. Enjoy the great weather we’re having :)

  7. WjW

    think these arial atoms are sold at ace hardware next to cashier?

  8. Amazing rides as always..
    And i didn’t know that you can the Arial Atom to Kuwait ?
    wela was6a as usual ?

  9. i used to be the 1st to arrive when we’re planning a ride,, but both u and 7amani were always in front of me while riding :( hahaha

    sorry about the accident,, keep it safe and always expect the unexpected

  10. @Bu Yousef – Thanks! Amazing weather!

    @WjW – Your kidding right?

    @Q8Stig – We have our ways! lol! It was a tedious process but all went through hamdilla!

    @vampire – Lol! yup you were always there first mashalla 3alaik! Yeah we always try to keep it safe but that woman was crazy!

  11. It looks like you guys had fun ;) Nice pics as always

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