The Surfing Trooper

Dark Side Surfing all over the world, these Storm Troopers do know how to enjoy themselves on the nicest surfing beaches of the world. When you work for Darth Vader you do get to enjoy your vacations in these unique places, comes with the job description.

The only way to track the Surfing Trooper is follow him on tumbler before he disappears to the dark side again. Its a team on Stormtroopers taking this journey and probably the most creative bunch of Stormtroopers they have. Lets hope for another series Stormtrooper vacation activities soon.

Link: SurfingTrooper

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. il pazzo

    this is the coolest storm trooper ever

  2. Have you seen Danny Choo’s dancing Storm Trooper videos? Hilarious!

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