Much Needed Detailing @ Al Falah

Its been too long since I have had my car detailed, I have even drove it much over the year. I took it for a very necessary service to get the beemer in optimal state, and I still had a few of the GulfRun stickers on the car. They fully detailed the car which took about a day and a half so I picked it up the next morning. Full exterior, interior, and engine detail brought the car back to a beautiful shine, damn it looked even better then it was at the dealer for the first time.

Whenever I leave Al Falah Car Wash I have to keep in mind that my tires were shined and just washed so I have to take it easy when I leave. But I just couldn’t help myself in such a clean car I just wanted to drive like a bat out of hell, and the roads were completely empty, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face as I was driving down the highway with the music blasting.

Link: AlFalahCarWash
Phone: 2245 2432

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  1. looks beautiful!! All set for the gulf run?

  2. Mark

    My offer still stands

  3. @Amu – Got everything ready except the tires!

    @Mark – Even for 50K I won’t sell it!

  4. 7amood

    Ya36eek khairha w yakfeek sharha. . Gorgeous car. Allah ya7meek min il 3ayn.

  5. Akbar

    Fantastic work, not only you but the car itself is grinning!

  6. @7amood – Tislam ya 7abeeb! I love it too!

    @Akbar – Yup I would have to agree with you!

  7. sausama

    if only you washed the tires…!?

  8. If I may ask, why is the front plate on the side and not the center? To avoid the speedcam or is there another reason?

  9. Sexy sexy (whistling).

    Can’t wait to see the beast at GulfRun 7 :D

  10. @sausama – They were washed, that was after driving home! lol

    @Kuwait – Its a BMW tow hook installation point, so I wouldn’t make a hole in the front of the car for the license plate and I can remove it at anytime.

    @elwehbi – I just need to get me some tires!

  11. Na9er

    Please excuse me with this question, but how much did cost do all that?

  12. Looks damn sexyhehe 3alaik bl 3afya o enjoy it! :P

    I love the work they did with it, it’s truly magical :P

  13. @Na9er – No problem! It was 50 KD took 36 hours and looked damn good once they were done!

    @Jacqui – Alah e3afeeech! Me too, I do love what they do!

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