Senshiro Jumaro – Model

The kids of the 80s will know who this is instantly, Senshiro and Jumaro from the robotic wrestling show of the 1980s. This is when KTV was at its finest, they had amazing animated cartoons from Japan even before Europe and North America did, we were ahead of the curve with so much types of media. And I remember it so fondly this was one of the shows that I cherished, who wouldn’t have wanted a robot as they were a kid that can kick ass. Usually I prefer watching anime in Japanese but I saw a few episodes of Jumaro a while back and watched them in both Japanese and Arabic, and by far the Arabic was much better. Surprisingly the anime had a few risque drawings in the Anime from back in the 80s, it shows that we were more open back then.

Thanks to Fewture models I was able to find the Jumaro model, and whats great about their models is that they are made from metal and molded to the perfect form. The model is fully moveable joints while made out of metal, and Jumaro looks everything like the animated series, if not better then the series. Didn’t take long to unbox and put together, I placed next to the other Japanese & Fewture models on my shelf. The only thing left to make this the perfect model is for him to have A.I. and move based on my telepathic commands.

Check out this YouTube for the intro video to Senshiro.

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  1. dude… BRING IT TO THE DIWANIYA!!!!!!

    I just want 5 minutes with it!

  2. mow

    man from where did u get it i was looking for it in kuwait for along time? – and how much is it?

  3. @Mark – Nope! Its reserved for the “Other” Location! lol

    @mow – Got it off of Ebay from about 6 months ago!

    @Pedro – Nope I do not know that site!

  4. Man! Shakbaree :-) You brought back old memories :-)

  5. Grendizer made me love the piloted mecha, Jumaru and Tetsujin 28 made me love the remote controlled mecha! So, this is one of the childhood heroes and made me teary a little bit.. T_T

    and about the KTV was at its finest, that’s damn right! maybe the younger generation wouldn’t believe it but it was, and the Arabic dub at that time was as good as the Japanese!

  6. @G-Funk – Old is Gold my friend!

    @Kal – Exactly the same thing! Piloted vs. Remote Controlled, it was always in my head! And thats the sad part KTV was king of the hill, I don’t know they can’t work on bringing some good programs from Japan, they had some funny stuff people would enjoy dubbed! The dubbing in Arabic was very high quality it was amazing!

  7. Duuuuude that is sooo awesome!
    I think I should seriously consider Kal’s plan to raid your collection lol!

  8. @Mathai dude, wait till I get Snake’s stealth suit so we can do it Ninja style..! HELL YEAH! lol!

  9. @Mathai – They come alive at night, and they don’t go down very easily! Their loyalty is unquestionable to me! lol

    @Kal – There is a very big dog in the vicinity… he can smell you when your a little too close! I’m putting in some lazers cuz of you guys! lol

  10. I really really Hate you . You just made this post while I started to watch the anime again.

  11. Lazilae

    Funny thing is last night I was watching Real steel with my wife, and told her it reminds me of an old anim called Senshiro . And am planing to search for a model in rehab and muthana complex. But I guess I have to search online ! Congratulation man :)

  12. wow! my second crush in life .. first was koogi :p

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