4 Italians Out On The Town

8 am Meet up and heading out right away, we wanted to make the best out of the time we had without any delays. But then we faced one major delay we weren’t expecting, our friend got caugt in a speed trap on 5th ring road at 7:48 am. That was the last thign I expected that early in the morning, we took some time but things worked out and the guy managed to get out of it without getting his bike towed which is a miracle. So we started off an hour later and took the roads as usual, and more people came out this weekend then the week before, seems a lot of people were back in town.

We were riding hard and enjoying every corner, there were four of us, all Ducatis surprisingly, until about halfway through the GulfRoad an old friend joined us with a BMW 1000RR and he rode it like a mad man. Then I noticed his bike, no light, number in the front, no plates, and running on slicks. He was riding a full on race bike and we was making us look like old ladies. When we stopped and I talked to him it seems he has been racing professionaly on his own in the SBK Championsihp (Superbike) and now he is ranked 12th in the Gulf. He has been taking his bike from Bahrain to Qatar and to other locations to practice and race on the back of his Chevy pick up truck. Now that takes a lot of dedication, and the last time I rode with the guy was about 2 years ago and he is insanely better then what he used to be.

It was a hell of ride and we took another which had a lot of fun turns heading to Doha which was entertaining and still I want to find new roads.

The Machines:

  • Ducati Mosnter S4RS
  • Ducati 1098
  • Ducati 1098S
  • Ducati Diavel Carbon Red
  • BMW 1000RR – The One Stragler Coming Along For A Bit

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ride safe
    beautiful bikes and nice photos

  2. Why was the speedtrap a problem? Wasn’t it just a speed camera flash for an overspeeding biker – a violation for which he could have paid a fine at a later date? I didn’t understand the ‘avoided the towing’ part and an hour delay. Please elaborate, thanks.

  3. U2

    Nice bikes… I could see a beautiful VW R20 in third last photo ;)

    @ Kuwait… on the weekends police setup a speed trap on the fifth ring near the salmiya underpass… The speed limit in that zone is 80. Many cars end up being towed… I guess if you do over 120….

  4. As always, beautiful bikes mashallah!

    Never really paid attention to the beauty of the Monster S4RS. Very nice!

  5. Senna

    U look too clean n tidy for bikers guys

  6. Kuwaity

    I used to ride (mostly alone) from home to the entertainment city and back every Friday morning (even in summer) but when the speed cameras flipped, I ride like my father and never ride fast everywhere. Ok after being a family guy your riding style will change but those speed cameras are killing me! My bike can’t breathe and I can’t even enjoy the music of my Italian bike, Sometimes I ride in 2nd or 3rd just enjoy the music without speeding! I can’t go fast around the corners because I don’t know what is hidden at the end, I’m going to buy a sports tourer, VFR, ZZR or Busa because at the end these are more comfortable when riding like old man….

  7. Gm

    Hi there,

    I’m new to Kuwait. Do you happen to know if the rules to getting a learner’s license for motorbikes if the same as those for cars?

    Not very many people know the procedure to get a bike license.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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