Fujifilm X-Pro1


CES comes around and all the good start showing up, the next thing you want to buy and this interesting camera is peaking my interest. This time around Fujifilm introduced a very interesting new camera, the X-Pro1. The new X-Pro1 will feature a 16megapixel X-Trans CMOS Sensor, with an APS-C format. This new type of sensor uses a Bayer color filter of 6×6 pixel (instead of the regular 2×2) to prevent the generation of moire and pseudo color. Basically it will shoot very cool shots and the camera looks retro which is function combined with looks, the best part is the interchangeable lenses . But its a bit on the pricey side going for $1700 and of the 3 lenses would cost $650 each, so by the time your done you would have spent $3650 on a camera which could have amazing shots. I will wait to see a few reviews, still I’m tempted.


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  1. The specs looks great, but I’m also waiting for the reviews and wanting to see more pictures taken from this camera.

  2. It is nice and cool but a bit on the pricey side so let’s see how it performs :s

  3. this will be an amazing camera and i think it is fairly priced for what it has

  4. u can still shoot perfect pics with a Yashica why spend so much, you have to use the camera and not let it use you

  5. It is expensive but one of the few nice looking cameras to come on the market recently – and the spec is impressive. I’ve not read AP Magazine since late December so will see if there is a review – and will send it to you if I come across it.

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