56 Hours Of Traveling

This has been one very hectic week with a lot going on with work, family, and other activities. Recently I had to take a quick trip to Amsterdam which is the first time for me. There was an urgent meeting that I had to attend and so we took off a few days later after confirming our meeting. I didn’t know what to expect from Holland but I was looking forward to it.

Traveling for work doesn’t always gives you the chance to look around much. But for a frist time visit I am sure I am going to repeat it as I have found the Dutch to be very nice and always helpful when I open a map and have no clue where I am. I haven’t seen so many scooters and bicycles in my life, it was -1 outside and everyone was on a bicycle or scooter, and I was wrapped up in as much clothing as I had but I loved walking outside in the cold. This city just felt so cozy walking around, we literally walked around for over 5 hours in every direction getting lost and find our way, I have a lot of posts coming up but when I sort out the pictures since I took a lot of pictures.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. instantcravings

    ..that is an excellent pic ! …the lights from those bulbs… the golden glow.

  2. Don’t you just live their cosy architecture…

  3. The mention of Amsterdam somehow reminds me of Roxanne by the Police :D

  4. Tom de Vries

    From Amsterdam it’s one hour with a train to get to Apeldoorn. Also very nice. Greetings from a Dutch reader.

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