Lowepro’s Messenger AW Series

When your gear feels right, your work goes more smoothly. The Pro Messenger AW was designed with this idea in mind. It’s built to fit pro-sized camera gear in configurations you’ve told us work best. It has an innovative flap that effortlessly folds in half to quiet your moves and quicken your pace.

Compactly packing all your camera gear into neat package makes this bag series very appealing. I have one bag which I use for packing my camera gear but recently I have more gear then the bag can take and the Lowpro’s Messenger AW Series looks very appealing with different sizes for different uses. With the largest of the three, the 200, you’ll find the front flap pocket is large enough to accommodate two DSLR bodies while the main compartment features customizable padded sections to fit lenses, a flash and other accessories. Each successive model reduces capacity for different uses. For street and travel shooting the 160 looks to the perfect bag as it’s small enough to pack in the luggage but big enough to house a DSLR, one extra lens, a flash and other assorted items when you grab for a day of shooting.

Link: LowPro

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  1. THIS is what Jack Bauer would use if he wanted to take photos :D

  2. These are nice but when I stuck my macro lens, a wide angle lens, my d70s and my zoom lens I didn’t feel the padding was secure to hold them. They were always by my feet on flights in case of clumsy fellow passengers. With traditional hard cases and proper camera ruck sacks I put them on top and slept like a baby :)

  3. Howard

    Is that a zip compartment behind the lenses. I need a bag like this that can take a 14″ laptop

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