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I’m one of those people who are always skeptical about what companies say, so when WIMD was offering high speed wireless connectivity to homes I wasn’t sure what to expect from them. I spoke to an engineer and sales person, they basically said they would bring the equipment, connect it and try it out before they would bill me. The engineers came about 4 days later, they started installation, they had a few initial issues but after a few hours everything was ironed out. They use a consumer grade Cisco router that you can buy from any electronics shop like XCite in Kuwait but the Wireless Broadband is through Proxim.

They are using Wireless Broadband technology which has been tried and tested for a while now. It is excellent but there a few minor drawbacks, one of the major ones is that it isn’t consistent. So even if you have a 10 MB connection it can be 10 MB then drop to 4MB then back up to 8 MB then back to 10MB again, its just the reality of the Wireless Broadband Solution, but overall any speed even if it isn’t consistent is better then 1 MB. In my case it hit 20 MB so I went for the 20 MB package without a thought, I live off the internet and now I shall be very happy.


  • Line Of Sight (Your house has to be visible to One of Their Towers)
  • Close to a Tower (They have lots of Towers)
  • You can mount a small tower to the exterior of the house

They are using Qualitynet as their backend provider, I think or hope they would expand on that. Now that people are starting to find out about them and they have coverage around Kuwait I hope they can still manage to provide the speeds they have promised even when their subscriber base increase dramatically.

Link: WIMD


  • 6 MB – 325
  • 7 MB – 355
  • 8 MB – 390
  • 9 MB – 473
  • 10 MB – 523
  • 11 MB – 590
  • 12 MB – 660
  • 13 MB – 730
  • 14 MB – 800
  • 15 MB – 870
  • 16 MB – 940
  • 17 MB – 1010
  • 18 MB – 1080
  • 19 MB – 1150
  • 20 MB – 1220

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. @Frankom – Alah Ebarik ib 7ayatik! Check them out, its worth it!

  2. Berserk-KW

    mabrooook man!
    i’m happy with my 8mb from fasttelco (thank yoooooooooooooooou janoob al surra)
    but i wanna ask, does the dust or rain effect the speed of this device?

  3. I won’t pay 1220 KD for an unstable connection! I currently have 10 + 8 Mbps redundantly connected & it serves me well! and I’m defiantly not paying anything close to 1220 KD :-)

    Anyways Congrats man & Enjoy! Too bad you didn’t wait for VDSL2

  4. @Berserk-KW – I double checked and it doesn’t the only thing that can affect it is strong winds which can change the direction of the antenna, so it has to be clamped down!

    @G-Funk – Thanks! If I had a hardwired connection then I wouldn’t mind but in this case I can only get a max of 1 to 2 MB and upgrading to the fastest connection I can was the only option for my sanity! Its about 100 KD a month which is less then my Zain monthly bill so for me I didn’t have to think twice about it!

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  6. AbdulAziz

    is the prices monthly or yearly

  7. WiMD Management

    Dear Marzouq, Could you be kind and let us know about the inconsistencies you faced?

    When you say it dropped from 10 to 4 then rose to 8, how were you testing this activity? Please share this with us to have a better insight about the issue. We will be more than happy to assist you in rectifying it.

    BTW, Wireless Broadband, unless there is a typhoon or hurricane, can be as stable and predictable as wired connection. It’s a matter of belief and experience.

    @Gfunk: VDSL2 although a newer technology, does not resolve the issues left off from ADSL2+. If you care to read some tech.docs about it, would make you realize it’s meant as a savior for people staying 1-3 kms away from their local telephone exchanges. So, for a place like Kuwait, where the copper infrastructure is getting older and rusted by the minute, either GPON or Wireless is the way to look forward.

  8. I’m jealous Z! But not for long! As long as you have your insane internet I believe you will be happier :P I can’t afford the 20MB hehe will try and look towards lower speeds :P

  9. Mezzo

    Question: do they except monthly payment or do i have pay the whole Annual Fee in advance.

  10. Mezzo

    Accept* (Spelling Mistake) :P

  11. @WiMD Management : I don’t live that far from my telephone exchange! where VDSL2 can provide me with nearly 100Mbps rather than your 20! either way I think that your price point rage is a little bit exaggerated ! I get some of the speeds you provide (6 – 11Mbps) at a lower rate from other providers! after the “Capping” issue that accused last summer & MOC forced ISP’s to remove it & to lower their service pricing you come in with a higher rate than everybody else!?

    I havent tested your service & I know that it’s going to be good! but this can never justify your pricing!

  12. Man, 20MB! you’re the one causing all the congestion in internet traffic in Kuwait!? j/k ;)

    enjoy ur Bugatti Veyron internet speed bro.

    I think am switching too,,SOON

  13. @WiMD Management – I totally understand what you are saying about Broadband Wireless broadband. But the speed is varying between 10 and 20 MB which I don’t mind at all and was expecting it to be this way.

    Just one very important point, your upload speed is equal to your download speed and I hope you keep it this way, it makes internet surfing that much smoother with no headaches.

    I would recommend your services to a lot of people but I hope it remains the same after 6 months. Consistency is important!

    @Jacqui – Yup! I am very happy! Honestly it has made me calmer at home cause I can go through sites smoothly! I have no patience! lol

    @Mezzo -I think it is yearly payments, but you can call and check with them!

    @G-Funk -Honestly if you are close to a telephone exchange then stick to a land connection but for a lot of us that isn’t an option and the copper cables are a disaster in Kuwait without any upgrades any time soon!

    @QABAQ | قبق -Lol! U should get it! Its fantastic and a vast improvement! Thankfully no more dependency on copper cables!

  14. ah miss torrents! Although we have similar awesome speeds here (nz) there is a fair amount of copyright monitoring and every decent co. here has caps!! :(

  15. Mabrook :)

    Very tempted myself. Still have a few months with qnet. If they maintain consistency, I will switch for sure. Wonder if they cover Mangaf…

  16. Wahab

    Im pleased with the speed test but still not accurate they have the worst customer service ever .. I called them and they gave me an appointment on Thursday and they didn’t show up.. Then I called them and they said if we have some customers that wana fix our Internet in Yarmouk we will come otherwise we can’t come !! That’s rude and unprofessional !! Hope they get my message !

  17. Thats like a ferrari enzo of the internet world :P Okk 20MB might bee too much for me;p but planning on getting 13-15MB soon :D

  18. sub-80

    This is the only reson i hate going back to q8 going from 100mb connection (for 20kd)to myself to a 2mb connection shared with my family.

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