Block Of Cash

My friend is an idiot but I love the guy, he does love to do things like this, lets refer to him as Preetooo. In our dewaneya we do events like Milsim and other things together, and during one of those events I spent around 400 KWD for the group which they pay “The Collector” and then he pays me, which in this case is PreeToo. I asked Preetoo about the cash he said he will give it to me on the weekend which was last week, but he forgot so I called and harassed him for forgetting. Then he said is gonna give me the cash in a few days and he is gonna hit me with, the bastard didn’t lie. He hit me with a brick, more like a few bricks in an envelope. As you can see from the pictures, turns out Preetoo was wanted to be cheeky about it so he gave me the 400 KD in quarter and half KD notes. Feels like 10000 KD cash too bad its like that, and now I have to go to the bank and have them count it to check that it isn’t counterfeit money and I think they will think something is wrong for me to have that much change on me.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. LOL, that was great. Go for coins next time :)

  2. Jonyboy

    Hahaha….good one PreeTo. Looks like he did an April Fool prank….in February, itself.

  3. Yusef

    If the bank asks, just tell them you are a male stripper in your free time.

  4. KAAAK … awal sentence min il post cracked me up .. bas the last part is just Hilarious ! :P

  5. I once deposited around 300kd in quatrets,, told the teller i run a baqala,, it took him 30 minutes!
    Nice one

  6. @Q80 In Denver – Dagah be Ma3nah El Kilmah!

    @G-Funk – Loool!

    @N – If he went for coins I would hit him with it!

    @Jonyboy – to him everyday is an April fools!

    @Yusef – Loool! I gonna tell them I own a baqala! lol

    @dudette – Loool! Couldn’t help it! The bastard got me!

    @Brownsuger – Looool!

    @vampire – ola! Then how long will it take them to count this! hahaha

  7. Brilliant. Will definately use this one day :)

  8. Hilarious! But I would prefer the 1000KD instead of the 400KD in change :P

  9. @BuYousef – I have to admit! It was genius!

    @B’s Sanctuary – LOOOL!

    @Jacqui – That would be way tooo much change! loool

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