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Sometimes I’m paranoid as hell about my website and that something is slowing it down, but in reality I’m not really sure and its always a matter of trial and error. Recently I stumbled upon this testing tool from Pingdom, you enter your website and they give you the time to load, whats slowing it down, whats taking more resources to load, and lots of other details. You can see what is loading first and a variety of items which is very cool and keep on testing it every once in a while, I didn’t even realize my website is 1.8 MB worth of data to load back in the day that which is even more then a floppy disk. I liked how they organized the data and they let you organize the data, very useful free tool, and I keep getting 88/100 for my average score, not bad. Check out the tool linked below.

Link: Pingdom

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  1. Cool! It’s nice to see that you’ve put our Tools to good use.

  2. Thanx for sharing this link really useful specially when u put some new plugin to ur blog or website.

  3. cool my page size is just 1.3MB and scored an 84

  4. @Pingdom – Excellent tools indeed! I want to subscribe but its a bit on the high side! I would pay $5 for 2 sites with the same level as the Basic!

    @Q8 Insight – Anytime! Yeah its great for trouble shooting!

    @QABAQ | قبق – Anytime!

    @Mark – Hahaha! I beat you! I scored an 88!

  5. Mine is 6.5MB and scored a 77/100 hehe oh well should revise those picture posts or make them have a more tag :P

  6. @Jacqui – Its not the picture posts! More like the scripts you have running that are eating things up! lol

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